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Maxim88 online casino in Singapore

A lot of online casinos spread over the internet. In Asia alone, hundreds of online casinos thrive from the region. Maxim88 is one of the famous online casino Singapore is reputable for many factors.

From a wide variety of games, impressive betting platforms, high-security standards to flawless payment systems, Maxim88 is popular among experienced bettors within and beyond Asia.

Maxim88 betting site supports players by providing a responsive and helpful customer unit. These representatives ensure that players are never stuck trying to navigate the betting site, withdraw their winnings, play games, or register an account.

In short, they are equipped to give guidance and technical support to new and returning players. However, seemingly more exciting support for players in the provision of promotions and bonuses.

On the widely known online casino, players enjoy a plethora of bonuses. This includes welcome bonuses, daily reload bonuses, weekly cash rebates, birthday bonuses, referral promotions, and exclusive offers on the VIP program.

Speaking about the Maxim88 Premium VIP Program, it’s the most lucrative support on the betting site. Hence, most players who are already familiar with the betting site strives to play more, win more, and increase their rankings on Maxim88.

The higher your rank among the VIP members, the more you play. As you move from classic tier to silver tier, to gold tier, and even higher, you’ll receive better service support, exclusive bonuses, special cash rebates, gifts, treats, improved bonus programs, among other exciting offers.

Why Become Maxim88 VIP Member

As a regular member of Maxim88, you are entitled to several supports and bonuses once you meet the requirements. You can access any games and be eligible for multiple promotions.

These include Evolution Gaming Welcome You bonus, Maxim88 Draw Welcomes You bonus, Evolution Gaming Weekly Reload Bonus, Mazim88 Month Prize Giveaway, Weekly Raffle Draw, Refer More, Get More bonus, 100% Welcome Bonus, 50% Daily Reload Bonus, Free Birthday Bonus, etc.

Despite the impressive list of bonuses and promotions for regular returnees on the famous online casino, gaming becomes more rewarding once you become a VIP member. This starts from the classic tier. After depositing the minimum amount required within a month, the system will request to verify your identity.

Once your verification is successful and promoted to the classic VIP rank, you enjoy high deposit priority, high withdrawal priority, 24/7 service support, with an improved maximum limit per transaction, daily transaction counts, and daily maximum limits.

Furthermore, classic-level players enjoy exclusive bonuses, including tier upgrade bonus, better birthday bonus, weekly reload bonus, and weekly raffle ticket. Additionally, feel free to claim a 0.40% slot rebate bonus, 0.50% live casino rebate bonus, referral bonus, and 0.60% sports rebate bonus once you are ranked as a classic player on Maxim88.Maxim88 VIP program gets more rewarding and exciting as you progress higher.

If you manage to deposit SDG 150,000 in a single month, you will be ranked as a Silver VIP member and be verified. Once you are ranked as a silver VIP member, you will receive bonuses enjoyed as a classic player with higher percentages, improved support, and a birthday month movie ticket.

The next rank is Gold VIP member, which comes with the basic benefits of the silver player with improved bonus percentages and offers. Additionally, you get to have a designated account manager, special birthday gift, festival gift and enjoy a weekly reload bonus. When you refer Maxim88 to your friends, your friends will get free bets. However, you need to deposit at least SDG 500,000 at once in a single month to qualify to become a gold member on the Maxim88 VIP program.

As a high roller, you can aim for the platinum VIP program by depositing SDG 800,000 in your Maxim88 casino account. In this way, you will enjoy every perk that comes with Gold VIP membership and even more. The bonuses percentage will increase significantly, and your daily transactions will also rise considerably.

From service supports such as deposit priority, withdrawal priority, 24/7 service support, designated account manager to daily maximum limits, you’ll enjoy every support at a premium. Furthermore, Platinum VIP members enjoy huge tier upgrade bonuses, birthday bonuses, weekly reload bonuses, and weekly raffle tickets as part of the exclusive bonuses.

The percentages on slot rebate bonus, live casino rebate bonus, and sports rebate bonus are significantly higher compared to other VIP ranks, except Crockford. You also get a free birthday month movie ticket, festival gift, and special birthday gift as part of the gift and treats category of the VIP program.

Also, you can help your friends to enjoy free bets by using the VIP referral program. Before you can enjoy the remarkable benefits of Crockford, Maxim88 needs to invite you. The exclusivity and bonuses that accompany Crockford VIP membership are the most exciting.

What are the benefits of Maxim88 Member?

Maxim88 is arguably the most entertaining and rewarding online casino across Asia. First, however, you need to register Maxim88 to enjoy the plethora of opportunities, giveaways, and exciting games on the famous betting platform. After successful registration, you can log in with your username and password. From there, the seemingly endless benefits belong to you.

First off, Maxim88 online casino ticks the box that represents a top and reliable betting site. On gambling platforms, players’ data and financial records are protected using multiple security measures, including a strong firewall, verification system, and 128-bit SSL encryption system. Hence, players always enjoy their gaming experience with peace of mind.

More so, the popular betting household is represented by a helpful customer support unit. Whether you are new to the betting platform or not, you can always contact the support unit for assistance and guidance. Additionally, Maxim88 is well-known for its flawless and quick process of depositing and withdrawing funds. On the betting site, you’ll find multiple payment systems to load your casino wallets or withdraw your winnings.

For those who love varieties, you can be confident of getting access to multiple variants of games and betting options. Online casino games, slots games, sports betting, fishing, and poker games are available for Maxim88 members to explore and enjoy.

Regardless of your choice of betting category, you can take advantage of different promos and bonuses on the betting site. As a Maxim88 member, endeavor to claim exciting offers such as weekly raffle draw, weekly rescue bonus, 150% welcome bonus, 100% welcome bonus, 30% daily reload bonus, free birthday bonus, among others.

Exclusive Rewards and Bonus

As a Maxim88 VIP member, there are exclusive rewards and bonuses for your loyalty. This includes tier upgrade bonus, birthday bonus, weekly reload bonus, and weekly raffle ticket (more than one deposit).

Furthermore, if you spend more on the betting platform and raises your membership rank, you get access to more beneficial and highly exclusive offers such as special birthday gift, festival gift, birthday month movie ticket and free bets for friends. In other words, the more money you spend playing on the famous online casino, the more chances of claiming exclusive rewards and bonuses.

How to Become A VIP

Below are simple steps on how to become a VIP on Maxim88.

  • First off, register as a new member by using the “Join Now” button.
  • Log into your account using your personalized username and password.
  • Deposit real money into your casino account and bet on your favorite games.
  • Fund your casino account a maximum of five times, to sum up to SDG 50,000 to qualify for classic VIP membership.
  • Once you are eligible, the system changes your rank from regular player to classic VIP player.
  • Deposit at least SDG 150,000 once to qualify for silver VIP membership.
  • Deposit at least SDG 500,000 once to qualify for gold VIP membership.
  • Deposit at least SDG 800,000 once to be eligible for platinum VIP membership.
  • Becoming a Crockford VIP member is strictly by invitation by Maxim88 online casino.