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McDonald’s Breakfast Hours [Start & End Time]

Looking to grab breakfast at McDonald’s, and do you need details about their breakfast hour? You are at the right place. This article contains lengthy information about McDonald’s breakfast hours, to find out more details about this, keep scrolling!

At McDonald’s, breakfast is not served all day so it’s no surprise that people get confused about their breakfast hours. If you really don’t wanna miss grabbing a bite out of their breakfast menu, you will need to go during breakfast.

Stick with us and we will be sure to provide you with genuine information about the time they start and stop serving breakfast.

It’s kind of disappointing if the lady at the counter of your favorite restaurant tells you that “sorry it’s not time for breakfast” or “sorry you just missed breakfast” if your favorite breakfast restaurant is McDonald’s.

And you don’t wanna hear that statement from that lady at the counter you need to know the time McDonald’s stops and the time McDonald’s starts serving breakfast. Without beating around the bush, let’s quickly dive into the main gist.

When Does McDonald’s Start Serving Breakfast?

McDonald’s starts serving breakfast at 6 am every day, you have to go at this time if you don’t wanna miss the opportunity of having your breakfast there. The fast food chain has a strict policy when it comes to this time.

If you think you will be provided with the opportunity to grab breakfast outside this schedule you are wrong.

Go at the right time and you won’t have to wait for the next day before you can purchase your favorite breakfast meal.

When does McDonald’s stop serving breakfast?

Although some restaurants don’t have a specific time they stop serving breakfast, they rather sell breakfast all day, McDonald’s is different.

McDonald’s gives its customers a specific time to purchase breakfast and a time it ends, so if you don’t wanna miss your breakfast you have to perfect your timing. McDonald’s stops serving breakfast at 10 am every day, and once it’s 10 am they stop serving breakfast.

To avoid missing your meal you have to go before this time.

Short note: Although most of the McDonald’s franchise follows the 6 am to 10 am schedule, some may choose to extend their breakfast hours. So we recommend you call your local McDonald’s to gain more details about their breakfast hour so as to avoid missing out.

McDonald’s Breakfast Hours

Among many restaurants that set aside time for their breakfast hour is McDonald’s. If you want to be liable to purchase a breakfast meal At McDonald’s fast food chain, you need to be there at the right time, this time will be revealed to you soon enough.

McDonald’s breakfast hour is from 6 am in the morning to 10 am, during this time you will be provided with the opportunity to grab a bite out of your favorite McDonald’s breakfast items. If McDonald’s is your favorite breakfast spot, you have to stick to this time.

You should know that McDonald’s follows this schedule throughout the week, Monday to Sunday the time doesn’t change.

Old timers at McDonald’s know that During their breakfast hour, you are definitely in for a treat, you will have the chance to grab a bite out of the amazing meals on their Menu.

Wait, “My McDonald’s Is Serving Breakfast All Day”

If your thoughts fall under this, you are not mistaken. Some of the McDonald’s franchises still sell breakfast all day.

McDonald’s introduced All-Day Breakfast in October 2015 but they later stopped due to one reason or another other and since then some franchises choose not to stop serving breakfast all day, so if the franchise near you still serves breakfast all day, guess you are in luck.

There has been a rumor escalating on social media that McDonald’s is bringing back all-day breakfast.

We strongly advise you not to believe this as it’s fake news. There hasn’t been any information on the McDonald’s page that they will be bringing back all-day breakfast, so stick to your normal breakfast hour and enjoy your meal.

Can I Buy Everything During McDonald’s Breakfast Time?

Another mistake most McDonald’s customers make is that they think they can purchase anything during McDonald’s breakfast hours. In case you are wondering the answer is no, McDonald’s only sells items from their breakfast menu during their breakfast hours.

Can I Buy Everything In The Morning At McDonald’s?

No, you can’t. At McDonald’s, you can only purchase items from their breakfast menu in the morning.

How Can I Know McDonald’s Near Me Breakfast Hours?

It’s easy to know your McDonald’s breakfast time, it’s either you call your local McDonald’s, ask your friends or check online.

What Time Is McDonald’s Happy Hour?

McDonald’s happy hour starts every day from 3 pm to 6 pm and 10 pm-12 am every day.


I hope we have provided you with enough information about the McDonald’s breakfast hour, if you have any questions in the future you can always come back here to ask us, and we will be ready to provide you with adequate answers.

Enjoy your meal.


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