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MDMA warning: ‘Nike tick’ pills laced with pentylone put Victorians in hospital

Urgent warning issued for bright orange pills stamped with a Nike tick after they’re laced with a chemical that makes revellers want to take MORE

  • Orange MDMA pills with a Nike tick are dangerous
  • They contain Pentylone which can be toxic

Health authorities have issued an urgent warning against buying orange ‘Nike tick’ MDMA pills after a number of revellers were rushed to hospital.

Victoria’s Health Department issued the warning on Tuesday about the risks associated with the MDMA pills.

The pills in question have been found to contain a toxic combination of MDMA and the stimulant pentylone.

The substance produces similar effects to stimulants like MDMA and methamphetamine but are more potent with even small amounts able to produce strong effects.

Pentylone – like other synthetic cathinones – often causes a more mild euphoric or psychedelic effect and wears off faster than that of MDMA.

Orange ‘Nike tick’ MDMA pills (above) have caused a number of hospitalisations in Victoria

This often leads users to take more in a shorter period of time and increasing the risk of toxic effects.

Symptoms of high doses of synthetic cathinones can lead to long periods of sleeplessness, muscle twitching, increased risk of agitation, paranoia and hallucinations, and toxic effects such as overheating and heart problems.

The sale of these MDMA and pentylone combined pills has led to a rise in emergency department admissions with blood tests showing synthetic cathinones in the system.

Synthetic cathinones may appear as crystals, powders, tablets or capsules.

Health authorities have warned taking cathinones with psychedelics like LSD (acid) can also increase the risk of dysphoria (bad trip), agitation, and behavioural disturbances that place people at immediate risk.

They can also interact with a range of medications, including those used to treat depression and anxiety such as SSRIs, SNRIs and TCAs.


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