Melbourne woman with the best job in the world shares her day as a submarine co-pilot in Hawaii

An Australian woman living in Hawaii has shared what her average day is like working as a submarine co-pilot. 

Brittany Nash is originally from Melbourne but has been working the job of her dreams co-piloting a submarine and giving guests underwater tours of a spectacular reef in sunny Hawaii. 

She says on an average day she gets up at 5am, has hour-long breaks in the sun, drives the submarine around the harbour and acts as a tour guide.

Brittany spends her day on the water sailing between the submarine called Atlantis 14, and the tug, shuttle and skip boats, as she helps the crew load and offload tourists for their guided reef tours. 

Millions were wowed by Brittany’s ‘idyllic’ day-to-day life and thought she had landed the ‘perfect job’. 


Brittany Nash (pictured), who is originally from Melbourne, shared what her average day is like co-piloting a submarine and giving tours of a spectacular reef in Hawaii

Brittany said waking up at 5am is ‘pretty grim’ but she watches the sun rise as she rides her bike to the harbour and checks her schedule for the day. 

She boards the submarine and completes a series of checks and measures to make sure all the vessels are working for the day. 

‘We go onto our shuttle boat and have our little morning meeting, we just discuss the day and what the conditions are like and then it’s time to leave,’ she explained in a TikTok clip. 

After the meeting, Brittany is back on the submarine where she ‘gets on the sticks’ to drive it out of the harbour where it is attached to a tug boat and dragged out to the main dive site.

After a few hours of work Brittany gets to her ‘favourite part of the day’ where she can relax on her first break.  

‘For over an hour, I get to sit on top of the submarine and do sweet f*** all. I watch the sunrise, do bit of yoga, read my book, definitely take a bit of nap because I’m very tired,’ she said. 

‘Then eventually they call me on the radio which means I probably have to get up and do some work again.’

Brittany gets into her uniform and the submarine ready for the first dive of the day then heads to the top where the crew are getting the first load of guests off the shuttle on board the sub. 

‘We do six different tours every single day. First dive, I do a narration, I just talk about all the different reefs we see and the different marine life,’ she said.

After three tours, Brittany can spend her break relaxing in the sun on a boat. 'Then I can see the Discovery's coming back with our next group so back on the skip, back on the sub,' she said

After three tours, Brittany can spend her break relaxing in the sun on a boat. ‘Then I can see the Discovery’s coming back with our next group so back on the skip, back on the sub,’ she said

‘Second tour of the day, I’m on the Discovery (shuttle) so I take all those guests off the sub and back to pier. I go to bow to help us tie up.’

Throughout the day Brittany sees a litany of marine life from dolphins to sharks and turtles. 

Once she ties up the shuttle, she gets the next group of guests on board and ‘gets on the mic’ to give them a safety brief and talk on what landmarks they will be seeing on their underwater tour. 

‘For our third tour, once everyone is on board and the hatch is closed, I get to go on the skip and have a break on our tug boat,’ the co-pilot said. 

‘It’s hot so I put on my bathers and get a little bit of vitamin D then I can see the Discovery’s coming back with our next group so back on the skip, back on the sub for the fourth tour of the day, I am the co pilot.’

As co-pilot, Brittany can put her tour guide duties aside so she can make sure all the guest board the sub safely and keep an eye out of any hazards on the tour. 

‘I basically just sit back there and make sure we don’t crash into anything. For the most part, I just talk to the pilot and have a good old yarn,’ she said. 

Brittany can have another break during the day’s fifth tour where she has a snack and reapplies her sunscreen. 

After taking the skip for a ‘joy ride’ to practice driving it, the Aussie guides the sixth and final tour of the day. 

‘I do one more narration then back to the surface, open the hatch take all the passengers back, get changed, eating again because it’s been ten hours at this point and then take the boat back to the harbour and done,’ she said. 

Brittany’s ‘not your regular 9-5’ job video has been viewed more than 4.3million times and drew in thousands of responses from viewers who were ‘jealous’ of the co-pilot’s ‘dreamy’ life. 

‘The perfect job doesn’t ex…oh wait,’ one woman said and another agreed: ‘Well you have the coolest job ever’. 

‘Ohhhhh that’s cool, it’s a sub tour! I didn’t know that was a thing,’ a third wrote. 

‘My motion sickness could never however I’d die for this job!’ someone else said.