Melbourne Zoo keeper’s epic live-stream dance goes viral online

Keeper at Melbourne Zoo becomes viral sensation after epic dance on live-stream set up to monitor giraffes

  • Melbourne Zoo keeper shows off dance moves in Giraffe Cam live-stream video
  • He became a global internet sensation after footage went viral online
  • Zoo posted series of animal encounter live-streams after visitations were cut
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A Melbourne Zoo keeper has become an instant internet sensation after his hilarious dance moves were captured on a live-stream video.

The popular tourist attraction recently set up a series of live-steam videos of some of its animal enclosures for viewers to watch at home after the zoo was forced to dramatically reduce visitations.

Visitations are currently restricted at 2,000 per day at Melbourne and Werribee zoos to ensure patrons maintain safe social-distancing at all times due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Zookeeper Adam decided to give Giraffe Cam viewers on Zoo Victoria’s YouTube Channel some much-needed comic relief by busting a few dance moves.

While oblivious Melbourne Zoo visitors check out the giraffes, keeper Adam gives online viewers watching at home an entertaining spectacle

Adam glances around to ensure colleagues aren’t nearby before flashing a colourful fan and begins to strut his stuff in an energetic performance.

Unassuming visitors can be seen in the background checking out the giraffes, oblivious to the hilarious antics happening behind locked gates just metres away.

A Reddit user came across Adam’s entertaining show while watching the zoo’s Giraffe Cam and shared the footage, which quickly went viral.  

‘Absolute legend on Melbourne Zoo live-stream,’ the user captioned the footage. 

The Melbourne Zoo keeper's groovy dance moves have made him an instant internet star

The Melbourne Zoo keeper’s groovy dance moves have made him an instant internet star

‘He’s been waiting for this his entire life,’ one person commented.

Another added: ‘This man has my vote for Prime Minister.’

Others thanked the Reddit user for sharing the footage. 

‘There’s been so much bad news of late, this made me smile and I needed it so bad,’ one person commented.

 Zoo Victoria also shared Adam’s dance moves on social media.

‘Hang on, we thought this was meant to be #AnimalsAtHome?,’ it captioned the video on its Facebook page.

‘This is legendary. I think zoos around Australia should start a dance off,’ one viewer replied.

The snow leopard, penguin and lion encounters are also being live-streamed on Zoo Victoria’s YouTube Channel.

Adam's entertaining performance was captured on Zoo Victoria's Giraffe Cam live-stream

Adam’s entertaining performance was captured on Zoo Victoria’s Giraffe Cam live-stream