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Members of the Defence Force were reported for alleged sex crimes

  • Members of the Defence Force were reported for dozens of alleged sex crimes
  • The sex crimes involved rape, revenge porn, sexual harassment and child abuse
  • Defence Force says it improved complaint processes and will address the issue

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Soldiers and Defence Force personnel have been accused of a shocking raft of sexual offences including rape, revenge porn and child abuse in just six months.  

A ‘shame file’ acquired by The Herald Sun contained details on the sexual misconduct reports lodged. 

According to The Herald Sun, some of the cases involved a member spiking a colleague’s drinks, a man exchanging sexually explicit photos with a minor on Snapchat, photo and video scandals of sexual acts, and someone sexually assaulting a child.  

Members of the Defence Force (above) have been accused of committing sex crimes

A member also came forward and alleged that she had been inappropriately touched multiple times since 2016.

Some women from the Defence Force were also under investigation, which included two cases of sexual assault. 

These reports came to light after a freedom of information request, most of which were previously redacted.

 The Defence Force released a statement on Wednesday night, saying that it will make more efforts to address the issue. 

The Defence Force also added that complaint processes have been improved to encourage victims to come forward.






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