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Metal Porch Railing Designs: What Makes Up a Railing and What Should You Consider Before Having One at Home

One important detail for most infrastructures is the choice of railing that will be used. Railings provide protection against slips, improve the appearance of the deck or porch, and are usually necessary to comply with building codes.

Railings come in all forms, sizes, and price points. So, how are you going to choose? Aesthetics plays a significant part in this, but there are other things to acknowledge as well. Our experienced design team will lead you through the specifics and help you choose the railings that are ideally tailored to your idea.

Parts that Make Up a Porch or Deck Railing

Someone who is not familiar with railings may tend to question what it is. Well, railings are composed of a few different materials. Usually, there are several fabrics and design choices for each, all of which can be combined.

The following are the parts that make up a railing:

Posts – Posts are the vertical columns that connect the railing to the deck or porch beneath. They are typically 4×4’s, and their positions and spacing are determined by building regulations.

Post Caps – If used, post caps are the completing element at the peak of each post.

Rails – Rails are horizontal structures that line the upper and lower part of the railing section. The top piece, where you would position your hand for direction, is called a handrail. The lower rail is also regarded as the toe rail.

Infill – The infill pertains to the gap between your upper and lower rails. A range of different materials, such as glass, iron, steel, and wood, can be used in the creation of an infill. If you prefer minimizing visual barricades, you may want to get a thinner infill. However, if you value privacy for your outdoor living area, a wider infill will do the job for you.

Baluster – Balusters sometimes referred to as pickets or spindles are the decorative elements used in the infill to stabilize the top rail. If the railings do not have the bottom rail, the balustrades can run straight through the flooring.

Five Deck Railing Considerations

The following are the five main factors to remember when determining the materials of your deck or porch railings:

Building Code Guidelines for Deck/Porch Railings

Local building codes include strict guidelines regarding railings depending on the length of a deck or porch. At our company, we can provide you with railing solutions that can meet the criteria needed for a building inspection.


As with most deck and porch design solutions, railings come with a wide variety of price ranges. At our company, we will help you find a railing choice that puts together your design goals and your expenditure in the sense of your entire project so you would not have to spend a large amount of money on it.


Today’s modern deck and porch railings are offered in a number of material choices, such as wood, plastic, aluminum, brass, wrought iron, or glass. In addition to how the products appear, you can also know what sort of treatment they require in the long run. Wood railings mean frequent staining, painting, or sealing. Glass, on the other, must always be washed while composite products are low-maintenance and easy to scrub.


The choice of color of the railing would have a significant influence on the final design. Next, is it complementary to your home style and other deck components? Second, does it fulfill your expectations on how you want to enjoy your space? For instance, white is a common option for making a traditional picket fence, while black and dark grays offer a more excellent view of the yard.


Aside from the color, you will also need to consider the choice of style of your railings which include its baluster shape may it be thin, thick, round, square, and many more. Also, some decorative materials include basket, curves, ribbon twists, and other collar details located in the middle part of the spindles.

After you have completed designing the overall structure, you will also need to take into consideration the decorative hardware, post wraps, gates, and lighting voltage of your railing. It is undeniable that railings contribute to the overall aesthetic of a customized porch or deck and styling it with your preference can be made possible through our company.