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Michael Schumacher is ‘fighting’ to regain his health

Michael Schumacher is ‘fighting’ to regain his health and is still watching Formula 1 on TV, his former Ferrari boss Jean Todt reveals

Michael Schumacher enjoys watching F1 races on TV and he is making progress in his recovery, his former boss at Ferrari said.  

Jean Todt provided F1 fans with a rare update during an interview with Radio Monte-Carlo.

Todt, one of Schumacher’s closest confidantes, said the F1 star was making ‘good progress’ and the pair watch races together on TV.

Michael Schumacher enjoys watching F1 races on TV and he is making progress in his recovery and his former boss at Ferrari said.

He added: ‘I’m always careful with such statements, but it’s true. I saw the race together with Michael Schumacher at his home in Switzerland.’ 

‘Michael is in the best hands and is well looked after in his house.

‘He does not give up and keeps fighting.’ 

Todt added that his friend’s difficulty with communicating has saddened him. 

‘His family is fighting just as much and of course our friendship can not be the same as it once was.

‘Just because there’s no longer the same communication as before.

‘He continues to fight. And his family is fighting the same way.’  

Todt is the head of motorsport’s governing body FIA and makes regular visits Schumacher in Switzerland.   

The former Formula One world champion, who turned 50 on January 3, fell and hit his head on a rock while skiing off-piste at the Méribel resort in the French Alps in December 2013.

Michael suffered severe head injuries in the accident and had to be placed in a coma, with doctors saying he was lucky to survive. He has not been seen in public since. 

Four months after the accident doctors began pulling Schumacher out of the coma, and in June 2014 the process was completed.

He was transferred to a rehabilitation clinic, and in September that year was taken home to continue his recovery in privacy.

Since then, little has been said about his state of health – though lawyer Felix Damm revealed in court in 2016 that Schumacher ‘cannot walk’, as the family sued a German newspaper for reporting otherwise.   

Son Mick has also spoken of his father since he began racing Formula 2 for Ferrari, Michael’s old team, but revealed little about his state of health.

‘The one person I would want to [be like] is my dad,’ he said ahead of the Spanish Grand Prix in May this year.

Asked what it was like to look back over his father’s career, he added: ‘It’s never easy. What my dad did was extraordinary. I appreciate it more every day.’