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Michelle Mone had 29 diet rules that led to wedding weight loss - The #1 Luxury Dating Site - The #1 Luxury Dating Site

1. Low fat milk- cows milk is bad for you; lactose intolerance. Humans intestines aren’t designed to process milk effectively…substitute for almond milk or soy milk or coconut milk

2. Natural Yoghurt- small quantities only; lactose issue and full of natural sugar

3. Eggs- completely avoid- cholesterol issues; animal based protein

4. Reduced fat cheese- avoid completely, as an animal based protein with similar properties to eggs and milk

5. Juices- avoid fruit juices as they are full of sugar; if used, need to be freshly squeezed and taken in moderation

6. Fresh Fruit- full of sugar so take in moderation

7. Fresh Vegetables- eat as much as you like….complex carbohydrates are good for you and will also produce enough protein to live on

8. Wholegrain Bread- eat in moderation. Avoid any bread that isn’t wholegrain

9. Fish and Seafood- three potions per week max…avoid fish with high mercury content. Fish and seafood is good for 3 servings per week max! Avoid fish that are high in mercury content- tuna, mackerel, halibut, swordfish

10. Lean meats- avoid meat as animal protein is bad for you; both white and red meat. Use protein substitutes eg chick peas, quorn, tempeh, seitans, jack fruit, egg plant. Just as much nourishment to be derived compared to animal proteins

11. Olive Oil- very healthy; 3 table spoons per day

12. Rapeseed Oil- bad for you; carcinogenic!

13. Baked beans- bad for you; full of sugar and salt; a simple carbohydrate that is starchy and bad for you. Natural Legumes (eg lentils. Pulses, garbanzo beans etc)

14. Natural Nuts (almonds, brazil nuts etc etc) are good for you

15. Tinned pulses- are fine but I would avoid tinned ones and go for bagged ones

16. Tinned tomatoes- fine. Fresh ones are better as they are a superfood and an antioxidant

17. Sweet corn – avoid tinned and go for fresh

18. Tomato Puree- fine

19. Herbs- fine

20. Dried fruit- in moderation, due to sugar content

21. Pasta and rice- maximum of 3 serving per week with no one serving greater than 40grams (wholegrain pasta and brown rice or wild rice)

22. Porridge oats- fine, providing they are natural and do not have sugar additives added

23. Legumes – are fine, apart from cranberries (full of sugar)

24. Fry nothing

25. Batter nothing

26. Only cook in olive oil; nothing else

27. No cream or butter in cooking

28. Stocks- use vegetable stocks; not meat

29. Avoid cooking in clingfilm and tin foil  


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