Millions of donations to Australia’s Bushfire.

More than a billion animals have become victims of forest fires in Australia since the fall of 2019, this follows from a report by Professor Chris Dickman from the Department of Science of the University of Sydney. New South Wales fauna received the most damage. The calculations included mammals, birds, and reptiles.

In addition, 1.7 thousand houses were destroyed by fire, 770 of them from the beginning of January, ABC reports with reference to firefighters

While Facebook users raised $ 34 million to deal with destructive forest fires in Australia, the country’s wealthiest businessmen donated only twice as much. Some of them forked out only after violent criticism of the famous actress on social networks.

Since the fires start in November, millions of people have donated money to combat natural disasters. The largest fundraising campaign in history was held on Facebook – more than 1.2 million people raised $ 34 million. The initiator of this campaign, the Australian comedian Celeste Barber noticed that the richest people in the country did not seem to be among the early donors. Barber through her Twitter called on people from the 0.001% richest to participate in the campaign and recalled that after the fire in Paris Notre Dame, the most famous French billionaires and corporations quickly raised $ 670 million in donations.

The family of Australian billionaire businessman James Packer and his casino have donated $ 4 million to firefighting charities as Australia is beset by an unprecedented fire crisis.

The Packer family spokesman said, – The donation will be directed to fire and wildlife services in the states of New South Wales, Victoria and Western Australia.

In November, Mr. Packer’s family pledged $ 1 million to the New South Wales Rural Fire Department, but since then the forest fire crisis in Australia has moved to a new, more terrifying level.

About his last donation, Mr. Packer said, – Australians are digging deep to support each other in these tough times, it is really inspiring. My family and casino are committed to doing more and all they can to help and significantly increase our donation.

The news that the Packer family increased their donation to $ 5 million came after the resort complex with their casino in Melbourne offered 200 rooms to evacuated from Mallacuta, which the warship delivered over the weekend. The victims had no other place to go.

Mr. Packer’s last aid was in addition to a long list of donations from Australian and international corporations and celebrities in recent days.

American singer Pink pledged $ 500,000 to help clean up the fire, Australian actress Nicole Kidman and her husband Keith Urban donated $ 500,000.

Australian actor Chris Hemsworth and his family will give one million dollars, and singer Kylie Minogue has promised another half a million dollars.

Melbourne philanthropists John and Pauline Gandel have also donated $1 million towards response efforts, while Sydney hospitality billionaire Justin Hemmes has reportedly donated $500,000 to the NSW RFS.

The horrific effects of a fire

The catastrophe of a forest fire in Australia has been going on for several months, burning the earth, killing people and wildlife, polluting the air and destroying vast forests. The unprecedented season of forest fires in the country is caused by record temperatures and the absence of rain.

According to available data, forest fires have already killed 25 people and millions of animals.

NSW officials said Tuesday that fewer than 1,600 homes were completely destroyed in the state as a result of fires and 653 were damaged. In neighboring Victoria, about 200 houses and about a hundred in other states of the country were destroyed.

Author: Serg Dum
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