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Mindfulness Activities: 5 Fun Ways to Be Mindful

There are so many fun activities that can help your children become mindful and better in various ways. It is best for children to grow up not thinking, seeking, or wanting too much but instead focusing on just being mindful. Below are things you can do to improve your children’s mindfulness and impact your kid’s life.

Benefits of Mindfulness Activities and Exercises for Children

Cognitive benefits

Mindfulness activities for children make them active and constructive in school. Children can easily focus, plan, organize and remember various details at length. Mindful activities for children allow children to connect things when learning. The activities improve comprehension, confidence, problem-solving skills, long-term learning, and instill the love of learning.

Social benefits

When children develop social skills, they quickly interact and communicate with others. Improved social behavior has a significant impact on the child’s education and social life. The child feels comfortable in the classroom environments, especially when he/ she participate in various activities in school. It is also easier for your child to show care, understand and respect others.

Emotional benefits

Every child needs to be emotionally stable to go through various stages in life, especially during the adolescent stage. Children may experience stress, anxiety, depression, and low self-esteem. Mindfulness helps them to remain emotionally stable when managing stress and other difficult situations. It becomes easier for your child to pass through various stages amidst the challenges on the way.

5 Fun Mindfulness Activities for Children

Breathing exercise

Identify a relaxed place where your child can feel comfortable participating in a breathing exercise and let the child sit in a good posture. He/she could fold legs or sit straight as long as they’re comfortable. The exercise can take about a minute, depending on your schedule, although you can extend if you have time.

Mindful posing

Before you start, inform your child about the benefits of posing. It makes the child stronger, braver, and happier. Identify a quiet and familiar place where your child feels safe and comfortable. Then ask your child to stand, clench fists, and raise arms as he/she stretches the body more and more. Another tip is to let your child stand tall, open legs wide, and place the hands on the hips.

Create a glitter jar

This activity teaches children to become stronger and strive to find peace when they become overwhelmed with emotions. Begin by filling the jar with water and add glitter glue and dry it. Cover the jar and shake it for the glitter to swirl. This is an easy strategy to help your child relax and avoid getting anxious or worried about situations.


A safari is a great experience that teaches your child about being mindful. You can take a walk each day to an exciting location with your child, and you watch birds, animals, and other creatures. The child will focus their senses trying to find the animals and birds. This enables the child to develop a state of awareness and discovery.

Heartbeat exercise

This is an exciting activity that enables your child to learn about body sensations. You can do this exercise when your child feels stressed or anxious. It allows your child to redirect focus from books, gain energy, and feel more refreshed and motivated. Let your child stand up, jump up and down for a few minutes and place a hand on the chest to feel the heartbeat.

The Bottom Line

Always ensure your children participate in various activities as you tell them about the benefits. It encourages your child to be mindful of the lives and enjoy the world around them.