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Misconceptions that should not stop your business from outsourcing IT service provider

Are you planning to start a new business or you have been operating a small business?

Do you often find you and your team perplexed and helpless whenever a technical emergency arises?

Have you given outsourcing small business IT support services, a thought but then the misconceptions have made you apprehensive from going ahead?

No matter how big or small your business is, there is a minuscule or significant aspect of information technology involved in its processing and productivity. No business in this age of digital connectivity can function with IT service. But since the job requires knowledge and exp[ertise, organizations prefer outsourcing IT services to a reputable IT service provider that offers comprehensive IT project management solutions tailored to the needs of the business in a particular domain.

Per statista, the worldwide contract value for outsourced information technology amount to a total of 62 bn USD. This data signals how willingly organization is spending on dedicated IT teams so that there is no glitch in their operation.

But there is a section of the organization that thinks of investing in an IT service, a complete waste of time, which is not the case and to clear it and more like these, we are going to discuss the misconceptions businesses have about outsourced IT services:

  • My internal staff will perform quicker and better:

Small business operators think that their internal staff would be quicker when it comes to an emergency and will be readily available to fix an issue than a remote worker, but this is not true. With the advancement of technology, IT support service will be promptly available to resolve any, and they don’t even have to set up a foot in your office. Your internal team might not be adept in solving complicated IT issue, but IT services providers come with knowledge and expertise to resolve the issue of any magnitude. Furthermore, many small businesses think that they will have to get rid of their IT team if they opt to outsource a provider, but that’s not true. An outsourced IT service provider can work as an extension of your existing IT department to complement their service and speed up their processing.

  • The outsourced team is not reliable:

Small business providers think that outsourcing their IT services to a dedicated provider will take control off of their hands and the might have to aggressively fight for the attention of the providers who will be dispensing the same service to several other clients. A credible IT service provider will have agreements wherein it will mention how and when will the reports of the services being dispensed will be reported. They will make sure that every decision that is being taken is only executed after a proper discussion with you. An outsourced IT service provider aims to make sure that technicalities of the projects are well taken care of; without you having to worry about it. This will give you a competitive edge in the market as you will be able to better concentrate on your business goals and objectives.

  • My security will be compromised:

Considering the security breaches that have happened in the entire 2018, it’s only natural to be extremely cautious about your business’s data and client’s security. Small business operator worries that a third party might tamper with their data or utilize it for their benefit. It is essential to understand that while you may have total control in-house, that does not necessarily mean absolute security. An outsourced IT team will stay up to date with the cyber threats and attacks and will make sure that your IT systems and data is secure and safe with constant updates, data backup, and particular program implementation.

Now that we have got the misconceptions cleared, go ahead and book a consultation session with a small business IT service providers.

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