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Misogynistic lawyer who ‘murdered the son of a federal judge’ forced her to ‘strip for his friends’ 

BREAKING: Misogynistic lawyer who ‘murdered the son of a federal judge at their New Jersey home while dressed as a FedEx deliver’ called his model ex-wife ‘ugly’ and forced her to ‘strip for his friends’

The anti-feminist lawyer suspected of murdering a New Jersey judge’s son reportedly had a history of misogyny that included calling his ex-wife ‘ugly’ and forcing her to strip for his friends.  

Roy Den Hollander, a 72-year-old self proclaimed anti-feminist, has a history of misogynistic and racist behavior that were documented in New York City court papers. 

Den Hollander committed suicide on July 20 via gunshot after allegedly disguising himself as a FedEx driver and targeting New Jersey Judge Esther Salas’ family.

Authorities said Hollander ambushed family’s home after Salas’ 20-year-old son opened the the family’s door around 5pm.

He fatally shot Daniel and left his father, 63-year-old Mark Salas, critically injured while Esther grieves the tragic incident.  

Roy Den Hollander is now believed to have been involved in the shooting death of Marc Angelucci in California at the start of July

Since his death, it’s been revealed that Den Hollander had made racist remarks about Salas in a rambling self-published book, was diagnosed with terminal cancer, shared several rants online that threatened ‘Feminazis’ to ‘be careful’ and was linked to a second murder in California. 

But on Thursday, new details revealed in court documents obtained by The Sun showed a pattern of disturbing behavior from Den Hollander. 

Alina Shipilina, a model, married Den Hollander in her native country of Russia before the couple moved to New York in 2002.

The months spent together in New York would be some of the couple’s last before they divorced later that same year. 

‘When we moved… he started to ask me about my past relationships and it happened everyday … he started to humiliate me and call me names like a monster and… ugly,’ Shipilina told court officials during a 2008 immigration review.

The reported abuse from Den Hollander was so bad that Shipilina filed a battered souse petition against Den Hollander in 2002, but it was later dismissed in 2004.

Shipilina added in court documents that Den Hollander forced her to work in a New York strip club as a topless waitress for nearly two years.

‘Every day he used to walk me, he used to meet me at 4am at home, and if I happen (sic) to be late home a few minutes, he started to abuse me that I already commenced to sleep with somebody, and this was like this every week,’ said Shipilina.

According to her, Den Holland further tried to humiliate her by bringing his friends into her workplace and request lap dances in front of them.

‘He used to come in and buy dances with his friends in front of my eyes, and he forced me to dance – lap dance, topless – for him in front of him. He used to pay my name, you cannot refuse,’ said Shipilina.

‘When he was next to me, and it was very hard for me because it hurt me because I love my husband and I just wanted to only do this for my husband.’

Den Hollander reportedly never stopped ‘doing everything to try and damage her.’

 Last year, Den Hollander made a bid to get Shipilina deported from the country – despite their marriage ending around 20 years ago.