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MMA fighter, 36, accused of raping five women

Brad Conway, 36, told a jury he found the idea ‘disgusting’ and maintains the sexual activity was consensual in all cases 

A teacher-turned-MMA fighter, accused of raping five women, claims he took part in role play and fantasy sex with them.

Brad Conway, 36, from Bradford, told a jury he found the idea ‘disgusting’ and maintains the sexual activity was consensual in all cases.

He is standing trial facing nine rape charges, two charges of sexual assault, two of voyeurism and a single charge of harassment to commit rape and false imprisonment.

The jury at Bradford Crown Court, West Yorkshire, heard he taught business and travel and tourism, before re-training to be a maths teacher.

He also told the court he was a keen rugby player and had competed in around 300 mixed martial arts fights.

Conway was questioned by his barrister Stephen Uttley on Tuesday.

In relation to one of the women, Mr Uttley asked if sexual activity between them was consensual, to which Conway said that it was.

He asked if the sex act was done in a ‘gentle’ way, to which Conway replied that it was.

Mr Uttley also questioned Conway on whether the woman had ever said no.

Conway said ‘never’ and answered ‘absolutely not’ when asked if the woman had ever asked him to stop.

When Mr Uttley asked Conway if he was a rapist, he said ‘absolutely not’ and said he found the idea ‘disgusting’.

A court previously heard, Conway, formerly of Wibsey, repeatedly raped the first woman, who submitted to his demands through fear and the ‘force of his personality’.

He allegedly threatened to publish topless photos of the woman if she did not agree to see him and threw her out of his car onto the pavement on one occasion.

Conway is accused of threatening to send sexually explicit photos to the parents and university of the second complainant if she did not take part in sex acts with him.

The third woman alleges Conway fell out with her one night, backed her into a corner at his home and raped her.

Conway’s alleged fourth victim said one night he dragged her out of a bar by her hair, locked her in his home, pinned her down with a pillow over her face and raped her.

Conway is said to have offered to pay a fifth woman to be in control of her sex life, telling her if she broke the conditions: ‘It would not end well and he would viciously rape her.’

She alleged he was obsessed with violent and degrading pornography and would have sex with her while they were under the influence of drugs.

She described being ‘in a trance like state’ saying he would strangle her until she lost consciousness and film the sexual acts, telling her to look as if she was enjoying it.

She also said he sexually abused her with a vase and a phone.

Conway is later said to have emailed her with some of the film clips, saying: ‘Entertainment courtesy of us’ and ‘Good viewing’.

The trial continues. 

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