Mom claims she and her children were kicked out of LA brewery for objecting to trans woman in the female restroom

A mother claims she and her family were kicked out of a Los Angeles brewery after they complained about seeing a trans woman in the female restroom.

In a video posted online Sunday, the mother could be seen confronting an employee at Angel City Brewery after she apparently attempted to use the bathroom and found a male inside and was told to leave the premises.

‘I have little kids, but we have no rights,’ the unidentified mother laments.

‘So we have to leave but the trans doesn’t have to leave that was using the women’s bathroom?

‘The man doesn’t have to leave who made me uncomfortable. What about women’s rights? There are no women’s rights only trans rights, right?’ she asks. 

A mother claimed in a TikTok video that she and her child were kicked out of Angel City Brewery for complaining about a biological man using the women’s restroom

The mother then reiterated that she feels ‘very uncomfortable,’ as the female employee apparently went to get a manager.

She could then be seen standing with a man in a second video the mom posted to TikTok under the username lexthegreat33. 

‘Why are we being kicked out?’ the mom asks in that video, as the manager notices she is filming the situation.

She then informs him that she is planning to post the video to TikTok, to which the man tells her: ‘You won’t make it on TikTok.’

‘I’m already on TikTok,’ she tells the manager.

‘I love that for you,’ he says, apparently sarcastically.

But the mom continues to question the employees about why she is being kicked out of the establishment.

Finally, the man informs her, ‘You were disagreeing with the trans policies.’

‘Because I don’t feel comfortable I’m disagreeing?’ she asks.

‘Because you’re disagreeing with their identity,’ he replies.

A male employee, apparently a manager, tells her she is being kicked out for 'disagreeing' with a trans person's identity

A male employee, apparently a manager, tells her she is being kicked out for ‘disagreeing’ with a trans person’s identity

At that point, the mother notes ‘he has balls and a penis.’

The confrontation finally seems to end when the female employee says, ‘None of this is going to get to any kind of place where we agree.’

It is unclear from the videos what the woman may have said before she was kicked out.

But Nat Hoai, who claimed to be a relative of the family, said that the woman ‘visited the brewery with her child expecting a welcoming environment, but the experience turned out to be quite the opposite.’

Hoai explained: ‘During her visit, my relative observed a biological man dressed as a woman using the women’s restroom.

‘Concerned for the safety and comfort of herself and her child, she politely questioned the staff about the situation, seeking clarification.

‘Rather than addressing her concerns with respect and providing a reasonable explanation, the staff asked her and her child to leave the premises.

‘This response was not only dismissive, but also entirely unacceptable.

‘As paying customers, they deserve to be treated with respect and to have their concerns acknowledged and addressed.’

The mother claimed the biological male in the women's restroom had 'balls and a penis'

The mother claimed the biological male in the women’s restroom had ‘balls and a penis’

He continued to write that he could no longer recommend the brewery to his friends.

‘It appears that the brewery prioritizes certain customers over others, disregarding the legitimate concerns of women and families.

‘I hope that the management will reconsider their policies and take steps to ensure that all patrons feel safe and respected while visiting their establishment,’ Hoai wrote.

‘Until then, I cannot in good conscience recommend Angel City Brewery to others.

‘It’s crucial for businesses to handle such situations with sensitivity and fairness, and unfortunately, this was not the case here.’

Some online have called for a boycott of Angel City Brewery in the aftermath

Some online have called for a boycott of Angel City Brewery in the aftermath

Others on social media also praised the mom for saying something about the biological male in the women’s room.

‘Thank you for standing up for women everywhere. Especially in a place they are meant to feel safe and comfortable,’ Candice Aguilar commented on the second TikTok video.

‘I can’t believe how they treated you for being uncomfortable where you’re supposed to stay safe while going to the bathroom,’ another wrote. 

‘I’m so sorry, this is horrid,’ wrote a third. ‘The gaslighting is deafening.’

Others, meanwhile, suggested boycotting the establishment and bombarding it with negative reviews online. has reached out to Angel City Brewery for comment.