Moment Jeremy Vine catches 4×4 driver eating a bag of chips and using her mobile phone twice

Moment Jeremy Vine catches 4×4 driver eating a bag of chips and using her mobile phone twice at the wheel – as the TV presenter cycles in the ‘worst part of his commute’ in Kensington

  • Jeremy Vine shared the clip to Twitter and said he would report the driver  

BBC Radio 2 presenter Jeremy Vine today shared footage of a ‘shocking driver’ eating crisps and using her phone twice on at the wheel – which he claims he will report her for.

In the video, filmed in west London, the 57-year-old announced that the ‘worst part of [his] commute is Kensington High Street [and] the worst part of Kensington High Street is drivers like this.’

The cycle campaigner released the clip on Twitter, where he posts footage of his interactions with motorists.

Earlier this month, one of Vine’s videos showing him being passed incredibly closely by a bus and shouting ‘woah!’ was viewed more than two million times. 

In the most recent clip of his commute, the broadcaster films a woman driving a Land Rover Discovery. 

Jeremy Vine claims he filmed a woman eating a bag of chips at the wheel while driving in west London

The broadcaster also filmed the driver on her phone at red lights

The broadcaster also filmed the driver on her phone at red lights 

The presenter, who also fronts a TV show on Channel 5says: ‘This is a 4X4 driver doing the ol’ “I can eat a bag of chips with two hands and still drive routine”

‘Against this large vehicle, a cyclist is just a bag of blood.

‘I wouldn’t have uploaded this footage were it not for what happened next. 

‘It turns out she thinks its OK to be on her phone at the lights, typing two-handed.’

After catching up to the driver, he sees she is again on her phone and reprimands her. 

He said: ‘Just a reminder, this behaviour gets you a £60 fine and 600 points on your license.’ 

Speaking to the Mail, Vine explained why the driving had irked him and what he hoped would happen. 

He said: ‘This was shocking driving but unfortunately Kensington has designed its main roads as a racetrack for 4×4 drivers, which I assume is an attempt to put people off cycling. 

‘I saw chips in her brown bag, which is ridiculous, but the phone at the wheel is the main offence. I hope my film will stop her killing someone.’ 

After sharing the video on social media, Vine was inundated with messages of support and shock from fellow cyclists and his followers. 

One said: ‘Jeremy, it is terrifying watching these clips. 

‘I have been driving for nearly 43 years and the standard of driving has deteriorated immensely.’

Another said: ‘£600 is nothing to someone like her. Hopefully the six points is!’ 

Another posted: ‘Have seen a bloke two-handledly overtake me one morning eating a full baguette. 

‘Another time, another vehicle I was in, saw a man spooning his cereal down his face on the M27. 

‘Used to often see full mugs of coffee or tea being drunk. Not so much now.’

There was some confusion over whether the driver in question was eating crisps or an actual bag of chips. 

Vine himself corrected this in the comments and said: ‘It was chips, not crisps… i.e. hot food. But as I say I would not have uploaded for that alone.’