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Moment teen would-be thieves run for their lives as professional boxer chases them from his house

Picked the wrong house! Satisfying moment teen thieves run for their lives after trying to break into the home of a professional boxer

A pair of brazen teenage thieves got the fright of their life when they attempted to rob a luxurious Gold Coast on the weekend, only to discover the owner is a professional boxing star who doesn’t take kindly to would-be criminals.

The two young criminals were looking for an easy mark in Benowa Waters. Little did they know they were breaking into the home of Casey Caswell.

The 32-year-old is a professional boxer originally from Buckinghamshire in the United Kingdom, who boasts a unbeaten 7-0 record including four knockouts.

The Australasian cruiserweight champion was alerted to their presence when his security motion cameras triggered an alarm on his mobile phone.

He then launched himself out the front door and charged after the terrified teenagers while shirtless.

Casey Caswell has seven wins from seven professional bouts, nearly adding another couple of knockouts to his resume when he chased off two would-be thieves from his home

The footage has been shared by fellow Australian boxer Demsey McKean and widely applauded by Queenslanders who are fed-up with opportunistic criminals.

‘Smash the Eshay,’ one replied.

‘Hopefully they are enjoying hospital food until they recover enough to go to prison,’ said another.

‘It’s getting beyond a joke, just so brazen! And when they get caught they get let off!! Should be more of this! Wish he caught them,’ posted another.

Fortunately for the would-be thieves, they managed to get away before Caswell could grab them.

McKean said it would have got ugly if his champion boxing mate had of chased them down.

‘Casey doing what anyone man would do, this is how to deal with low-life rats that try to break into your house,’ McKean told News Corp.

‘Not how Casey Caswell wanted to start his early Sunday morning no doubt.

‘Woke up to see two thieves walking around his car and front property about to jump the fence. So he ran out there and chased them off down the road.

‘He didn’t catch them and no one was harmed.

‘My mate is a professional fighter and an Australasian champion, they picked the wrong house to mess with.’


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