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Moshing Highland cow proves she’s a real party animal

  • Helmi the Highland Cattle was seen throwing shapes in the paddock
  • Her owner  Kati Huusansaari, 44, caught her on camera at the perfect time
  • Helmi has been living on Ms Huusansaari’s farm in Lavia, Finland since 2007

This Highland cow in Finland had the time of her life during a day out in the paddock this week.

Helmi the Highland Cattle was spotted throwing shapes by her owner, who caught her on camera at just the right moment. 

Kati Huusansaari, 44,  who has kept Helmi at her farm in Lavia, Finland since 2007 said the cow ‘likes to have fun”.  

Milking it for attention: Helmi the Highland Cattle pulls a hilarious face for the camera

‘Sometimes Helmi gets excited and does funny things like this for no obvious reason.

‘The others don’t tend to go along with her when she does something silly but she is just fine with that, she likes to be on her own, which is rather unusual for a cow.’

Ms Huusansaari, whose family have been running the Lavia farm since 1585, said: ‘I have almost hundred cows, that includes cows, bulls, heifers and calves. 

‘I share a special bond with all my cows and other animals. I spend lots of time with them and I am very fond of them all.

‘Highlanders are the most sympathetic cows ever and not serious at all.’