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Most famous ICOs in cryptocurrencies

Initial coin offering is a method of offering a token to a crowd in the form of crowdfunding and receiving money and for fundraising. Although initial coin offering is no new concept its popular use has been seen after digital currency came into the digital era.

Cryptocurrency is called the “electronic form of cash” that came out as an accident back in 2009 due to a financial felony that led the whole world into a recession.

There have been a number of instances where initial coin offering has given opportunities to the investor to make a good return and all the leading benefits by accepting the offerings.

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But there is no doubt that there have been many instances when people have attracted frauds because of these offerings proving to be a big scam just to get the money and fly away moving people into the mess. But if one person without lurking for interests and returns, and gives thorough investigation to the offering and its background, they might secure themselves from such fraudulent practices.

Here I am going to enunciate about the famous coins that have come out to be successful after they resorted to initial coin offerings to make their place in the crypto industry.


Ethereum is the 2nd generation cryptocurrency that was originated by Vitalik Buterin. He had earlier worked for Bitcoin that gave him the knowledge to make his currency by taking away the loopholes in Bitcoin. As per the market cap, this currency even today stands in second place and is continuing in doing so. Its founder Buterin also recourse to offer the initial tokens to the public and the investors who bought the initial offering are now getting huge returns for their investments.


NEO has its origin in China, which is an open-source cryptocurrency. It has landed to the original name after many amendments in its name in its history. It is also called “China’s Ethereum”. This token was also offered for investments and had the support of the Chinese government and many big companies. Initially, it had little value but now it has succeeded in providing beneficial returns to its investors.


NXT is said to be the earliest ICOs offered and also the most successful one. Its blockchain has been formed in a way to serve the financial sectors. A developer who is known to have handled the “BCNext” brought the NXT to the crypto industry. In the beginning, this currency had little value but its team somehow with their efforts were able to draw an appreciable amount during their initial coin offering.


Ark is a currency that has allowed its blockchain to integrate other cryptocurrencies to its blockchain platform. Its team has done all the endeavors to maintain its efficiency in the market and has got positive results. Its value while offering was 0.04 dollars but had attained a price of 11 dollars during ICO. But currently, its price stands at 2. 59 dollars for trading.


The last one on the list is Strati’s. This currency has its origin in the U.K. Although it has not gained that popularity still its support makes it a famous cryptocurrency. It has been formed to make itself compatible with the many business fields be it a language or a designing any custom language. Initially, one token of Strati was offered for just $0.01 but as of today, it is priced around $2. 51.

The topic has given a list of the famous ICOs of all time. I hope a brief reading would explain to you the little information that you are desiring. Have a good beginning in crypto trading.