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Mother accused of injuring her three-month-old baby boy sold sex services for £850 court hears

A nurse said Wilkins, 23, pictured, was ‘very calm’ at the hospital when she would have expected her to be ‘panicky’

A mother accused of seriously injuring her baby son sold sex services online, a jury has been told.

Elizabeth Wilkins, 23, posted suggestive pictures of herself online describing various sexual services along with prices from £95 to £850, Plymouth Crown Court was told.

Dark haired Wilkins and fellow University of Plymouth student Erick Vanselow, 30, are accused of injuring their three-month-old son leaving him fighting for his life.

The boy, who cannot be named, suffered a fractured skull, bleeding on the brain and broken ribs when he was rushed to hospital in September 2016. 

Doctors have told the jury that the injuries including brain damage could not have been caused accidentally.

Vaneslow told medical staff that he had dropped the baby about a foot, causing him to strike his head on a counter. 

Wilkins later told police she had seen Vaneslow shaking the baby on an earlier occasion and also claimed he choked her during sex.

Barrister Michael Haynes, for Vaneslow, asked Det Con Dave Cross about a the ‘soft porn’ pictures which were examined by police during the investigation. 

Mr Haynes said: ‘She [Wilkins] also markets her services, presumably sexual services for certain rates, such as £95 for 15 minutes.’

Det Con Cross said: ‘There are various services up to £850.’

Erick Vanselow, pictured, and Elizabeth Wilkins, who are accused of assaulting their child and causing GBH, showed calmness that was 'not normal' when taking him to hospital, a court heard

Wilkins, pictured, told nurses she could watch her son's 'distressing' procedure because she was 'used to watching Holby and 24 Hours in A&E'

Erick Vanselow, left, and Elizabeth Wilkins, right, are accused of assaulting their child and causing GBH. They showed calmness that was ‘not normal’ in hospital, a court heard

My Haynes read from the website: ‘I am open to most ideas and very sexually adventurous, please do not hesitate to contact me.’

He suggested there was a tick box of sex services – many of which had been marked by Wilkins.

Mr Haynes said there were reviews from men who had ‘visited her’.

Earlier the court was read an interview by Wilkins – then in the last year of a law degree.

She told officers Vaneslow threatened to leave her unless she performed sex acts.

She said: ‘There were a lot of times he would be like “if you do not do this, I will leave you”. 

‘It escalated to the point of choking me.’

Prosecutor Jo Martin QC said the baby was assaulted by either the mother, father or both parents on several occasions two years ago at the couple’s former home in Plymouth.

The court heard that Vanselow, pictured, has 'inconsistencies' in his version of events

The court heard that Vanselow, pictured, has ‘inconsistencies’ in his version of events

Vaneslow, then studying international relations, and Wilkins have also been accused of failing to protect their only child.

The boy was taken to hospital with blood in his mouth in August when he was only five weeks old.

A month later he was taken to casualty with bloodshot eyes – and was released into the care of his father.

The court heard that Wilkins told a nurse she didn’t mind seeing an operation to drill into the boy’s bones because ‘she was used to watching Holby and 24 Hours in A&E’.

He is now two years old and may have developmental problems in the future after spending months in hospital recovering from the injuries.

The couple were accused in court of showing a ‘unusual’ lack of emotion as the boy battled for survival.

One nurse told the trial the calmness of mother Elizabeth Wilkins was ‘not normal’. 

The parents have each denied individual counts of assaulting the baby with intent to cause GBH on a day in September 2016.

They also denied causing GBH without intent as well as causing or allowing a child to suffer serious physical harm.

Wilkins also denies causing him actual bodily harm in relation to the blood shot eyes incident when Vanselow was out of town at the time.

The trial continues and is expected to last several weeks.

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