Mothers reveal toddlers have insulted customers and questioned their choices while in supermarkets

Mothers have revealed how their toddlers have insulted other customers, have weed in aisles and questioned their shopping choices while visiting supermarkets.

The thread on Mumsnet, where exhausted UK parents reveal some of the most embarrassing moments suffered at the hands of their toddlers, comes after one adult asked for support.

Parents also told how their children had burst crisp packets, sworn and played chase through the aisles. 

One mortified mother admitted that her child insulted another supermarket shopper, shouting loudly: ‘Move it lady’. 

Mothers have revealed the most embarrassing moments they’ve suffered in supermarkets at the hands of their toddlers (stock image)

Detailing one of her embarrassing supermarket encounters, a mother wrote: ‘When my son was two, he went through a stage when he called any woman “lady”.

‘No idea where he got it from. Anyway, we were going down an aisle, he was in the trolley, and a woman was stood still looking at something in front of us.

‘No problem, I can wait, but he bellowed “MOVE IT, LADY!”

‘I wanted to fall through the floor.’

A second mother described every parents’ nightmare when she wrote: ‘Puddle of pee in the middle of aisle three.’

And a third posted about how her shopping choices were revealed in the wine aisle.

‘Not really a tantrum but mine outed me down the wine aisle in Asda.

‘”Why, every time we come shopping, do you have to buy wine?” Think she was two, cheers Gracie!’ 

Sharing further humiliating moments faced during the weekly shop, another mother revealed the disaster she was faced with in the car park. 

‘Loading purchases into the boot, toddler already strapped into back seat,’ she wrote.

‘Perfectly lovely looking gentleman parks next to us.

‘Back window slowly goes down, toddler makes the angriest face possible, leans forward, looks this poor man right in the eyes, and very slowly and deliberately growls…

‘you. mother. f*****.

‘…then winds the window back up and reclines as though that were a job well done.’

As the thread of supermarket antics continued, another mother told how she had a run-in with a packet of crisps.

‘My child, then approximately 18 months, took a running tumble while clutching a huge multipack of walkers which exploded beneath her like confetti.

‘I’m ashamed to say that I abandoned my trolley, scooped her up, and ran!’

A further mother also wrote how her toddler had transformed supermarket trips by deciding that they are ‘the perfect place for playing chase’. 

‘I have to abandon the trolley and try to grab him,’ she wrote, ‘slightly ashamed to say I usually go in armed with a bag of chocolate buttons to bribe him with’.

They revealed how their one- to three-year-olds had also burst crisp packets, sworn and played chase inside supermarkets (stock image)

They revealed how their one- to three-year-olds had also burst crisp packets, sworn and played chase inside supermarkets (stock image)

Another mother also inspired a comment from her five-year-old when she bought bleach.

‘When my son was about five I informed my partner that one day that I had put bleach in the toilets. He replied (as he would), “thanks for telling me. I don’t want to burn my b**** off”.

‘We had no idea that our son had heard this brief exchange.

‘A couple of days later I went to the supermarket. When I was putting the shopping on the conveyor belt my son said loudly, “Mummy, you have bought bleach”.

‘I confirmed that this was indeed the case.

‘There was a brief silence, then (again, LOUDLY), “Are you going to burn Daddy’s b**** off?”‘

Another mother also described what happened when she used the supermarket toilets.

‘My daughter has always had the ability to talk really loudly when in public toilets, “Are you doing a poo mum?”, “Why are you so hairy there?”, “err, that lady has made it stink in here!” etc.

‘She’s done it since she could talk and despite me desperately trying to tell her to be quiet she just asks, “why? Are the other people listening to us when they’re on the toilet?”‘