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Multiple injuries reported in active shooter incident in Odessa, Texas 

At least TWO gunmen – including one in a hijacked US mail truck – kill at least two and injure at least 30 as they fire ‘indiscriminately’ at people on Interstate 20 in west Texas

A shooting with multiple injuries has been reported in the neighboring cities of Midland and Odessa, Texas.

Police say they believe there are one or possibly two suspects in separate vehicles on the loose in the area. Initial reports indicate that at least one person has been killed and 30 people have been injured.

Residents of the area are urgently advised to get off of the roads and shelter in place until the situation is resolved.

The two suspect two vehicles in question are: a gold or white small Toyota truck and a USPS Postal Van. 

One of the suspect vehicles has been identified by police as a USPS mail truck (stock photo)

One suspect is believed to be at the Cinergy in Midland and the other is believed to be driving on Loop 250 in Midland. 

‘Please stay away from these areas and stay indoors,’ the Midland Police Department said in a statement.

‘There are reports of an active shooter at the Home Depot in Odessa. For the safety of the public and law enforcement please stay away from the area and stay in your homes. We will update with more information as soon as possible,’ the department said.  

The NYPD counter-terrorism unit has said it is closely monitoring the situation in Texas.  

Developing story, more to follow.