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Mum pleads for advice to stop flies from being attracted to her garbage

Mum pleads for help solving family’s fly problem after finding her garbage bin crawling with maggots – and apparently it’s a common dilemma

  • A mum has plead for advice on getting rid of flies after finding maggots in bin
  • The mum shared a photo of thousands of maggots clinging to the side of the bin
  • People suggested she wash her bin out monthly and add pesticides regularly

A mum has taken to Facebook to beg for answers to her maggot problem – after finding thousands of the creatures wriggling around her garbage bin.

The mum posted a picture of her outside bin online, asking for advice to get rid of the pests and stop flies from accessing her bin.

‘This is really disgusting, I spray it with fly spray, but wanting to know how I can stop these horrible creatures taking over my bin,’ she said in the post.

A mum has taken to Facebook to beg for answers to her maggot problem – after finding thousands of the creatures wriggling around her garbage bin

And people were happy to share their tips, with dozens of women revealing how they banished the pests from their own bins.

‘Don’t throw anything in the bin that could go in the compost,’ one woman said.

While others elaborated on the rule. 

‘Usually when I have left overs or scraps from meats and fruits and veggies I throw them in the freezer and whenever it gets full I put the bag in a bigger freezer. This is to avoid getting maggots the next morning or have that terrible smell,’ one mum said.

‘Also I throw everything from the freezer to the big bin the night before bin collection starts.’

Others said they clean their bins regularly to crush the lifecycle of the annoying pests.

‘Once a month we go to Bunnings and buy the wheelie bin cleaner liquid. We put that in the bin with a tonne of water and let it soak. Then we scrub it with a broom and emptied out maybe rinse if needed,’ one woman said.

‘You need to wash out your bin every week, solving problems like this starts with basic hygiene,’ said another mum. 

‘I wash mine every week too, usually I just use vinegar and slosh it around but sometimes I use a purpose-made bin cleaner.’ 


How do you keep maggots out of your bin?

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  • I put salt in the bottom of my bin! 0 votes
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Others then use boiling water or pest-guard products to keep them under control.

‘Empty a bag of table salt into the bottom if the bin after cleaning. The salt mixes with the bin juice making it too salty for maggots to survive,’ one woman suggested.

‘I learnt if you kill flies and put them in your bin then this can happen. Apparently their eggs are still alive inside them after you kill them,’ said another.

Others suggested the use of bin liners to stop the mess from the garbage from falling inside the bin.

‘I have never had this problem, but I think that’s because I leave my lid open on bin day so that it can dry out in the sun,’ one woman said.

‘I tip mine upside down so the birds can have a field day,’ said another.

Others posted pictures of various brands of bin cleaners they ‘swear by’ while one woman said ‘moth repellent’ is her go-to.

The post appeared especially popular with people from Queensland who agreed keeping meat scraps in the freezer until bin day was best practice.