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Mum shares the kind note a stranger left by her caravan on the long weekend 

‘I’m not judging you’: Stranger writes note praising mums in a busy caravan park over the Easter long weekend

  • An Australian camper has left a note at a caravan park congratulating all mums
  • The note writer said she admired their strength, patience and determination
  • She said it was amazing to see people creating great memories with their kids 

An Australian camper has left a heartwarming note congratulating the mums at the caravan park where she was staying over the Easter long weekend.

The woman stuck the note to a wall in the amenities block of a Victorian caravan park, using two pink bandaids, but it is the message that has mums buzzing.

‘To all of the mums, when I look at you or are in ears reach of you trying to discipline or comfort your child I want you to know I am not judging you,’ she wrote.

‘I admire you, your strength, patience and the pure determination you have to try to give your family beautiful memories is priceless.

An Australian camper has left a heartwarming note congratulating the mums at the caravan park where she was staying over the Easter long weekend

‘Love and respect to you all! Happy Easter,’ she wrote.

The anonymous note was posted online and was a hit with mums across Australia.

‘I wish all campers thought like this. Taking children camping is sometimes difficult,’ one mum said.

‘Another queen lifting other queens up,’ one woman said.

Others said the uplifting note was beautiful while another said ‘we need more kindness like this in the world’.

Others said they had seen similar notes on their holidays and wish they stopped to take a photo to publicly appreciate the writer. 

‘I’ve had a retired couple say that to us in Mildura, it was so lovely to hear and talk about when they’d travelled with their three kids,’ another woman said.

Another woman agreed the note was a lovely find, she had spent a weekend camping in bad weather with her friend and their five children and said it was very difficult.


Do you ever judge noisy kids and their parents on holiday?

  • Yes, it’s disruptive 99 votes
  • No, they’re just having fun 119 votes

‘I don’t think some people realise how hurtful their words can be sometimes,’ she said. 

‘This morning my girlfriend and I were having a little chat through my window as it was still raining. This older lady who camped behind us told us we were appalling,’ she said explaining they were left speechless.

‘She went on to say she had come here for a quiet weekend away and all she could hear was our noisy kids and us yelling at the top of our lungs and we have no control over our kids at all,’ she said.

The woman went on to explain she had been keeping her children entertained with craft and by watching movies – even leaving the campsite to visit local markets and eat out so they wouldn’t be disruptive. 

‘She was totally out of line. My kids have been in our van each night by 7.30pm, we dont come out till after 8am in the mornings. We don’t let them run around people’s campsites or anything. We have certainly not yelled at the top of our lungs and neither have the kids,’ she said.

The post has been shared over a hundred times but has been like by more than 1500 mum on the Mum Central Facebook page.