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Mumsnet mum insists breastfeeding women should be discreet

  • Woman took to Mumsnet to express discomfort over exposed breasts
  • Says she wouldn’t feel embarrassed personally but wants to consider others 
  • Plenty agreed that there’s no reason not to feed discreetly
  • But others said it’s completely natural and those offended should look away 

Any discussion on breastfeeding is almost guaranteed to provoke a range of strong opinions but now a mother, who says she’s fully supportive of nursing, has sparked a furious debate by asking why some women are so indiscreet when feeding their babies. 

The Mumsnet poster said that she didn’t agree with covering the baby’s head or wearing specialist clothing but argued that ‘it’s very easy to be discreet without having the whole breast on show’. 

Some people agreed with her saying that it’s possible to feed without exposing too much, and that it’s considerate of others who might find it uncomfortable to see a woman’s bare breast in public. 

However, others hit back angrily saying that if someone is offended they don’t have to watch, with one even accusing the woman of being ‘pervy’ for not looking away.


The original poster clarified her position, saying that she herself would’t be embarrassed to have her full breast on show while feeding her baby in public. 

But she insisted she wanted to respect people who wouldn’t be comfortable with seeing it.  

However, some still insisted that there’s no need for anyone to be offended, especially when they’re likely to see as much cleavage or more on the beach. 

‘It’s very strange that we’re conditioned to feel awkward about others using their breasts in a natural way, but have become totally desensitised to them being out in any other context,’ one said.  


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