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Munno Para school fight in Adelaide caught on video

Watch the brutal moment a young boy king- hits a GIRL in the back of the head at school sending her flying to the ground – as cops launch a probe into horror footage

  • Confronting video shows boy hitting female student 
  • He then chases down a male student and attacks him 
  • Incident at the Adelaide school is being investigated by cops 

Parents are furious after video emerged of a brutal assault at a school in which a young boy is seen brazenly attacking fellow students in front of teachers.

The brawl at one of Adelaide’s largest public schools in the suburb of Munno Para was caught on camera by shocked witnesses and released on Thursday.

The confronting footage shows one boy walking outside in the schoolyard before he king hits a female student in the head, sending her flying onto her back.

A teacher intervenes allowing him to flee

The clip shows a boy chasing down and cornering a student against a brick wall before repeatedly punching him until a teacher intervenes, allowing him to flee

A boy is shown punching a female student in the head sending her flying backwards

A boy is shown punching a female student in the head sending her flying backwards

What appears to be a school safety supervisor in a high-vis jacket is standing about five metres away. 

In another part of the video the same boy is seen chasing down and cornering a male student and repeatedly punching him against the brick wall of a school building as he doubles over in pain.

A different teacher then rushes over to intervene and drags the boy away, allowing the victim to flee inside the building.

South Australia Police have launched an investigation into the incident.


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