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Must Have Bitcoin Plugins for WordPress

If you’re still in the process of creating your cryptocurrency website, then several cryptocurrency & bitcoin plugins are essential for the success of your site. These plugins are needed for your site’s user experience and function. Among others, you’ll need the very basics that cannot be overlooked. One such example is the Price Ticker plugin, which actively displays the various cryptocurrency values in realtime. Not having this information shown on your website will give your competitors the edge. And it will likely be the reason for your visitors not staying long and possibly never returning to your site – irrespective of how excellent your products or services may be.

A parking page or coming-soon lander can be set up while the site is being built. There are several premium and free options available online, all with varied features and benefits. Although it may seem to be a challenging task at first glance, the plugins generally include an easy-to-follow process with a step-by-step guide to help you along. Creating a maintenance page in WordPress can help with an improvement task or can notify your potential clients that your website is in the process of development or under construction. If you have just contracted a hosting plan and registered your domain, but you have not yet developed your page, you must let your visitors know that your website is not yet finished, and provide them with some contact information in case they need to speak with you.

It isn’t the same for a user to land on a parking page or on a domain that does not have any content than to get to a simple static page that contains useful information about your business. A parking page is an excellent way to offer good user experience and avoid losing potential customers who have just landed on your website. Creating an under-construction page in WordPress isn’t difficult at all.

If you want to monetize your website, store or blog in WordPress, you can do it in different ways, whether you sell physical or digital products or need them to support your work, one of them is accepting bitcoins as a form of payment. Bitcoins allows the exchange of goods and services comfortably and safely and is characterized by being an electronic currency that is not controlled by a central issuer like other currencies. It is produced by people and companies around the world that dedicate resources to mining. This cryptocurrency is booming, and in fact, it is expected that it will continue to grow over time, that is why it is as exciting to buy a Bitcoin as it is to have it in your online store made with WordPress. Online stores can accept payments in Bitcoins and Cryptocurrencies with brands like Bitpay, while physical ones turn to Coinkite, among other services. If you want to implement this type of payment method on your online store, you have to resort to trusted plugins.

In WordPress, you can do almost anything you want, and something as simple as creating a price ticker, an under-construction page, or a bitcoin payment method for customers isn’t going to be any different. You have many plugins available that allow you to do it in the blink of an eye. If you use cPanel, one of the most used control panels, you don’t need to install any plugin. In the Domains section, you have a tool called Site Publisher that allows you to create an under-construction page in a few minutes. Otherwise, click on the Plugins link in your admin section and browse the available options. There’s a world of useful plugins out there just waiting to be found.