My boyfriend is obsessed with mentioning my dad when we are getting down and dirty – it creeps me out but he tells me I just need to loosen up

A young woman has been told to ‘run as fast as she can’ after revealing her husband’s sick sexual fantasies.

Taking to  Reddit the 27-year-old woman asked for advice and explained her partner had been obsessed with daddy, daughter role play for the past five years.

She added that it has left her feeling disturbed and every time she’s brought it up he tells her she needs to loosen up.

‘I never really realised how disturbing this is but I have been in deep depression and have been trying to find the cause. Maybe this things hurt me in subconscious level and violate my conscious,’ she said.

She explained that she didn’t know her biological father when she was growing up – which seems to be the source of her 35-year-old partner’s fetish.

A young woman has been told to ‘run as fast as she can’ after revealing her husband’s sick sexual fantasies

She added that he will bring it up when they are getting intimate and says worrying things about the sexual acts she could have performed on her dad if he had been around.

The concerning post attracted comments from hundreds of people.

‘I had an immediate physical reaction to this, like I actually recoiled. This is absolutely, utterly repellent at an atomic level. You need to get away from this person immediately,’ one woman said.

‘Dude! I occasionally enjoy the odd, “f*ck me daddy”, but this is some next level shit that you should probably take to a professional,’ said a man.

A third agreed it sounds like her husband has his own trauma and needs to get help from a therapist immediately.

‘Trauma that he will pass on to you if you stay with him,’ they added.

Some told her to ‘never have children’ with her partner as his fantasy’s are concerning from a child safety perspective.

That’s when she revealed he has two children from a previous relationship.

‘You need to tell the baby mumma so he doesn’t have access to those kids, and keep him away from any other kids in your life,’ one woman said.

‘This is red flag city! Do not pass go. Do not collect $200. If you do anything but leave him and report this to the kids mother then you need to take a long look in the mirror at yourself and your values,’ said another. 

And professionals jumped on the thread too.

‘From a therapist, he should see a therapist. You could benefit from one too, most likely,’ one wrote.

‘Yeah man like I know we’re not technically supposed to kink shame. But if you can’t get off or have a meaningfully sexually intimate relationship without some unhinged kink, there’s something wrong with you,’ said another.