MY FAVOURITE SHIRT WITH JAMES BEATTIE: The Great Escape season in 1998-99 was an amazing experience and I got Southampton’s player of the year

  • Former Southampton striker picks the shirt from his first Premier League season
  • Beattie recalls great games against Wimbledon and Everton for the Saints 
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I was starting to assert myself. I got Saints’ player of the year in my first season in the Premier League. I only started playing regularly in November as I had to work my way into the team.

The Great Escape that season was an amazing experience. Notable games were Wimbledon away at Selhurst Park, our second to last game, where we took 10,000 fans and created an amazing atmosphere. 

All the fans were wearing fezzes in homage to Hassan Kachloul. Class. I scored one that day. 

Also the game against Everton on the final day, when we won 2-0. I had two assists for Marians Pahars’ brace that day. Amazing atmosphere.

The Friends Provident shirt (2001-02) also carries a lot of good memories, scoring goals, moving to St Mary’s and brilliant games against the ‘big fish’ down there.

James Beattie picks the shirt worn in his first full season in the Premier League in 1998-99