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My Haven, Matt Goss: The singer-songwriter, 53, in his living room in Las Vegas

My Haven, Matt Goss: The singer-songwriter, 53, best known for being half of 80s pop group Bros, in his living room in Las Vegas

  • Matt Goss, 53, shares significant items in his living room in Las Vegas
  • The singer-songwriter treasures a watch fob bearing a ring of his mother’s
  • He also loves his three-year-old bulldog Reggie who shares his pillow

Singer-songwriter Matt Goss, 53, has shared significant items from his living room in Las Vegas

1. LIPPY  

My mum gave me this bronze sculpture. Often I’ll be on the phone and I’ll catch sight of the finger on the lips telling me to think before I speak. T

hat didn’t always happen in the documentary Bros: After The Screaming Stops, about our reunion tour in 2017.


This picture of my identical twin brother Luke, me and our mum Carol was taken by our dad Alan. The funny thing is, I don’t even know which one I am. 

Mum and Dad were in pub bands together – they both sang and Dad played the guitar. Dad was a detective for 37 years and I’m really proud of his career. 

He left for the first time when we were four and then came back briefly, before he and Mum separated for good when we were five.


Here’s my backstage pass for Frank, Liza & Sammy: The Ultimate Event! in 1989. We were at the height of our fame with Bros and it was a very special evening. 

I was Liza Minnelli’s guest and before the show at the Royal Albert Hall she tried on two dresses and asked me and Neil Tennant from the Pet Shop Boys to choose. Then we met Sammy Davis Jr, who was so encouraging, and Frank Sinatra, who raised a glass of Scotch to me. 

I’d never have imagined that one day I’d perform Frank’s songs at Caesar’s Palace in Vegas, where he also played.


Reggie is three and very special. I used to have a bulldog called Alfie, who was my best pal. 

I’d cook for him every day and he was such a character. When he passed, I said I’d never get another bulldog, but I changed my mind when a friend sent me a picture of this little guy. 

As a puppy Reggie wasn’t as connected to me as Alfie had been, but then I started making food for him and now we’re best mates – when I wake up in the morning he’s sharing my pillow.

Matt treasures a watch fob that bears a telescopic pencil, a ring of his mother's and a locket with a lock her and his grandad's hair

Matt treasures a watch fob that bears a telescopic pencil, a ring of his mother’s and a locket with a lock her and his grandad’s hair


I love this watch fob. Instead of a watch it has a telescopic pencil, a ring of Mum’s and a locket with a lock of her and my grandad’s hair. 

Mum died of cancer seven years ago. As we came from a broken home, my grandad gave us the fatherly energy we needed. 

The happiest time of my life was living with him and Mum’s sister Sally – she has a beautiful voice and made me fall in love with singing.


This bracelet brings back memories of Reggie Kray. I was in a restaurant in London when my phone rang and this raspy voice on the other end said, ‘Hello Matt, it’s Reggie Kray. 

‘I want to tell you, I love what you do and, being a twin, I feel a real affinity with you.’ A friendship began, and he would call me regularly from prison and read me poetry and talk about wanting to be a fashion designer. 

He was adamant that, if there was a Hollywood movie about the Krays, he wanted me to play him and Luke to play Ronnie. For my 30th birthday he gave me this bracelet.

  • As told to Rosanna Greenstreet. Matt’s new album, The Beautiful Unknown, is out now