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My story: Things to do in Toronto

New York – the world’s best city, the city I love to return to again and again and where everything really happens! Will Toronto, with its 2.6 million inhabitants in the city, stand against the super-metropolitan New York?

After nine days in Toronto, I can only say that I fall in love with this city too! In my eyes, Toronto is like a New York in miniature in many ways, with its own Flatiron Building (Gooderham Building) and its own Times Square (Yonge-Dundas Square). However, Toronto has a much calmer pace and less stress in people we meet. A very pleasant city with really friendly people!

Multicultural city

Over 140 languages are spoken here and 50 percent of the population is born outside North America. You will find several great vibrant Chinatown and also Little Portugal, Little Italy, Little India, Greek Town, Koreatown and Roncesvalles or Polish Town.

Imagine what sandwich table of different restaurants with exotic flavors you can find here! The mix of all cultures makes Toronto a truly beautiful metropolis – both super-trendy and bohemian laid back.

The buildings in Toronto also have a delicious mix with both magnificent skyscrapers and low, fine colorful Victorian houses.

Get there

Between different areas you go by bus, tram or subway. Bikes are available for hire and there are well-developed bike lanes but if you walk you will get the best experience!

CN Tower

• Communication and lookout towers
• Opened in 1976
• 553 meters
• Was the world’s tallest freestanding building. Today, the world’s tallest building is 828 meters and is located in Dubai. As with many other high-altitude tourist attractions, you must undergo a very thorough safety check before being released in the lifts.

360 Restaurant

Start by visiting 360 Restaurant, a restaurant with 360 degree views. Pre-order combined lunch and entry costs and eat a high-quality and beautifully arranged three-course lunch at the large panoramic windows that surround the entire restaurant. Here are the world’s highest wine cellars and the menu holds very high class.

Outdoor SkyTerrace

After lunch you head out to Outdoor SkyTerrace and LookOut Level on the 113th floor where you can test if the glass floor is jumping on and peek 342 meters straight into the ground below. Staggeringly loud and a wonderful feeling that feels right down your legs!

Edge Walk

If you are adventurous, you can use the safety ropes to take the EdgeWalk tour on the outside of the restaurant’s roof, clamped in a rail without holding you. You can even see the Niagara Falls from here when it’s clear days!

Toronto Island

Take the ferry over to the pleasant Toronto Island Park in Center Island. It only takes 10 minutes and at the bar you get a magnificent view of Toronto’s skyline. Enjoy the tranquility of a leisurely stroll or rent a bike to get around easily. You can also rent a boat, canoe or kayak (come early if it’s a hot summer day) and sunbathe and swim on the island’s sandy beaches.

Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada

Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada offers a world-class experience of both education, conservation and research while being an attraction for locals and tourists of all ages. When you arrive at Ripley’s Aquarium, you enter a truly colorful underwater world with 16,000 aquatic animals.

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