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Mystery as woman disappears from for two hours with scant memories

Mystery as woman disappears from her fiance’s front yard only to reappear miles away at a gas station TWO hours later with vague memory of waking up in a field as a man knelt over her

  • Police in Edmonds, Washington, are seeking information on the July 14 incident 
  • Woman, 28, has only vague memories after she went missing for two hours
  • Reappeared at gas station after disappearing from home of fiance’s family 

Investigators are baffled after a woman disappeared for nearly two hours, and was found wandering at a gas station miles away with vague but sinister memories.

The unnamed woman, 28, went missing on July 14 during a visit to the home of her fiance’s family on the 8700 block of Bowdoin Way in Edmonds, Washington, police said on Wednesday.

At about 12.20am, the couple were wrapping up their visit in the northern Seattle suburb and went outside to their car, but the fiance went back inside for a few minutes, leaving her alone outside.

When he returned outside the home, the woman had vanished without a trace, according to police.

The woman was found wandering barefoot at this gas station in Edmonds, Washington at 2am on July 14, about two hours after she disappeared from the home of her finace’s family

The family launched a search and, finding no sign of the woman, called 911 to report her missing.

At about 2am, two people stopping for fuel at a gas station about two miles away found the woman wandering barefoot, with cuts, scrapes and bruises on her body.

The woman wasn’t certain how she got to the gas station on the 9700 block of Edmonds Way.

The Good Samaritans called the woman’s family and took her to her home.

The woman told investigators that her only memory of the time she was missing was of waking up in a ‘grassy field’ with a man kneeling over her on the ground, and a woman standing nearby.

She also remembers running through a wooded area before finding her way to the gas station. 

Police say they have not located the black, strapped sandals she was wearing when she disappeared.

Investigators offered no other information, but are seeking the public’s assistance in the case.

Police hope to learn where the woman was and how she was injured during the period when she was missing.

Anyone with information about the case is urged to contact Edmunds Police Detective Andy Mehl at 425-771-0200.