Myths about vaping

The SMOK IPX 80 Package is fitted with a large 3000mAh integrated battery, supports a 1-80W output output power range in VW mode and has the fast body charging port Tipe-C. With its standard of IPX67 security, IPX 80, a brand new offering from SMOK, is a highlight. IPX 80 IP67 certified is a high quality device of excellent longevity, water, dust and shock-resistant. When flying, it is a must, because it can be transported in any area. For intuitive access to operating data SMOK IPX 80 UK for sale is fitted with a control panel.

The cartridge of 5.5 ml of E-liquid from the side can be loaded with SMOK IPX 80. The package comes with a coil of 0.6ohm DC MTL and a coil of 0.16ohm mesh. In IPX 80 RPM 2 Pod, all RPM 2 series bobbins can be used and can be modified easily by pressing and pulling the machine. The revolutionary airflow control concept is seen in the two rotary airflow control dials, which allow you to control the airflow input and output so that you can enjoy a large array of vapour experience. You can easily get best quality vapes in the best online vape

Myths about vaping:


SMOK IPX 80 Package contain over 7,000 chemicals when burned, 69 of which are considered to be carcinogenic. The two main components in the vapor fluids are propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerin (GV), both used to form and add flavor to the vapor. Vaporous devices contain different ingredients, however. A third ingredient, typically a common food taste found in cakes, oils, and other foodstuffs that contribute to the taste of the steam. All of these compounds are common dietary ingredients that regulatory bodies including the FDA consider to be healthy and safe.


Already the lowest ever number of smoking, fewer than 14 percent of U.S. people. That’s the lowest incidence in the history of teenagers smoking. For vaping at least 20.8% of high school students have been vaporized once in the last 30 days, according to the new CDC estimates. However, nearly half of them vaporized weed instead of cigarettes, typically illicit drugs. Certainly, but not as framed by the public health officials, this problem needs to be addressed. And given that no data on overall vaping were collected before 2015, no new data collection can be concluded statistically in a crisis warranty.


Late reporting of disease and hospitalization on traditional vaporizers and liquids was of great concern. Late reporting is a major concern. Almost 380 lung diseases related to vapor have been reported by the CDC. Sensational headlines and opinion pieces convinced politicians and President Donald Trump even to talk straight away about the ban on vapor flavors. However, careful analysis of the reported cases shows that a large majority of patients with symptoms have used illicit vapor mixture cartridges with THC.


In recent years, innovations in hazardous tools have produced vaping and e-cigarette products that are demonstrably less harmful than traditional tobacco products. In contrast to sensationalistic media reports, adults who use vapor and e-cigarettes as a means to stop smoking greatly enhance their chances for long, healthy, and productive lives. At the same time, the increased use of the items by teenagers is a source of concern but does not threaten to ban the entire group used by responsible former smokers of adults.

Let’s follow existing legislation. Almost half of the tobacco and steam shops do not identify young clients.