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Naked triple homicide suspect, 19, runs at TV reporter before being Tased and arrested

Naked triple homicide suspect, 19, runs at local TV reporter and attacks church groundskeeper, before getting tasered and arrested by cops

  • Matthew Bernard, 19, was arrested by Virginia police Tuesday afternoon 
  • He has been accused of killing three people, authorities said in press release  
  • Cops found two women and child dead at home on Keeling Drive in Pittsylvania
  • The Pittsylvania County Sheriff’s Office said suspect and the victims are related
  • Bernard was arrested after he ran toward a TV reporter and attacked a pastor 
  • Police maced and tased Bernard, who was naked, before taking him into custody

A 19-year-old man was arrested in connection to a triple homicide after he ran at a TV reporter in Virginia and attacked a church groundskeeper. 

Matthew Bernard was taken into custody shortly after 12pm Tuesday afternoon. 

Photos show a naked Bernard, who has been accused of killing two women and a child, being maced and tased by an officer. 

Authorities received a 911 call around 8am Tuesday morning about three bodies at a home along Keeling Drive in Pittsylvania, according to WSET.  

Upon arrival, officers found two women and a child dead inside the home. 

Matthew Bernard, 19, was arrested Tuesday afternoon in connection to a triple homicide after he ran at a TV reporter in Virginia and attacked a church groundskeeper. Bernard is seen running towards a police officer during the incident 

The Pittsylvania County Sheriff’s Office said the suspect and the victims were all related and lived at the same home. 

Someone was visiting a neighbor in the area when they saw a body in the driveway. 

The other two bodies were discovered inside the home.  

According to a Facebook post from the Pittsylvania County Public Safety, earlier on Tuesday, residents in the area were asked to be on the lookout for Bernard who was considered ‘very dangerous’ and ‘armed with a rifle’. 

When authorities finally located Bernard, he had stripped naked.  

‘ABC 13’s Kyle Wilcox was standing in the media staging area when Bernard ran past reporters,’ the station reported. 

Bernard then allegedly attacked a Keeling Baptist Church groundskeeper before authorities chased him down the street and maced and tased him.

Video from WSET shows the moment Bernard ran after a police officer who is seen spraying him with mace on the church’s property.

Bernard is heard screaming a bit before he ran over to the groundskeeper and appeared to try and choke him.

The officer then ran over to help the elderly man and Bernard ran off again. 

He was then seen running down the road where a police car and several other officers were waiting to tase and arrest him.  

When he was arrested, Bernard was not armed with a weapon. 

Authorities said it’s unclear what prompted the alleged rampage and are still investigating the three deaths.  


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