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‘Nanny state’ laws governing pool fences, bike helmets and smoking are up for review in Australia

Western Australia: 

Western Australia was the second state to ban smoking in all indoor areas of pubs and clubs in 2006 

In 2006, smoking was also banned within 10 metres of children’s playgrounds and between the flags at beaches 


Victoria introduced a smoking ban in all enclosed public places in 2007 

The state banned smoking at bus, train and tram stations in 2014 

Victoria also banned smoking within four metres of school fences in 2015  

Australian Capital Territory: 

The ACT was first to ban smoking inside cafes and restaurants in 1995

The ACT went on to ban smoking in all enclosed public places in 2006 

New South Wales: 

NSW banned smoking in enclosed public places, except for bars, in 2001 

The state introduced a ban in all enclosed places, including bars, in 2007 

Smoking in a car with a child was also banned in 2009, and comes with a $250 on-the-spot fine 

Northern Territory: 

The NT introduced restrictions on smoking in enclosed areas in 2010 

The NT is the only jurisdiction in Australia that still allows smoking inside certain areas at schools

The NT Government was the first to ban smoking in correctional facilities 


Smoking has been banned in all QLD pubs, clubs, restaurants and workplaces since 2006 

QLD banned smoking inside cars with children in 2010 

South Australia: 

SA introduced a total ban on smoking in enclosed public places in 2007 

The state banned smoking in public transport waiting areas in 2012 and in public outdoor dining areas in 2016


Tasmania was the first state to introduce a total indoor smoking ban in 2006 

The state banned smoking in all outdoor restaurants in 2012 



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