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Nationals leader loses three demerit points after filming herself ranting while driving

Nationals leader is fined and has three demerit points taken after she filmed herself ranting while driving and posted it on Facebook

  • Politician Mia Davies has lost 3 demerit points a big fine for videoing and driving
  • She had posted several videos of herself talking to her followers on Facebook
  • Videos were passed onto WA Police over concerns she wasn’t following rules

A Nationals leader of parliament has lost three demerit points for filming herself on her mobile phone while driving and uploading them to social media. 

The MLC for Central Wheatbelt, Western Australia, Mia Davies, also received a $400 fine over the video she made while driving through her rural electorate. 

She filmed herself talking to her followers and posted the video to Facebook.  

The video was forwarded onto WA Police on Monday.

In WA, currents laws forbid ‘creating, sending or looking at a text message, video message, email or similar communication’ whilst operating a motor vehicle. 

WA Police Commissioner Chris Dawson confirmed on Thursday that Ms Davies had been sent an infringement notice over the matter. 

‘I think it is important that I reaffirm the message. When you are driving a vehicle don’t be distracted and don’t be recording while you are driving.’ Mr Dawson told Perth Now.

Ms Davies reiterates that while she was using her phone, it was in a fixed mounting.

‘It is my understanding that I have been issued with an infringement in relation to touching a phone in a fixed mounting while driving.’ she told Daily Mail Australia in a statement. 

‘I accept the consequences of this action. I take the issue of road safety seriously,’ she said.

Ms Davies posted two similar videos taken from her car in 2017 but had fallen outside the 12 month statue of limitations for police to issue a fine.

She said she has yet to receive the fine in the mail.    

Ms Davies (pictured) has not yet received the infringement notice but believes she has been fined over touching her phone in a fixed mounting while driving