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Nationals MP Andrew Broad forced to resign over claims he texted a ‘Sugar Baby’ 20 years his junior

Nationals MP Andrew Broad is forced to resign over claims he sent salacious texts to a ‘Sugar Baby’ 20 years his junior and met up with her on an overseas work trip

  • Nationals MP Andrew Broad has resigned as Assistant to the Deputy PM 
  • Victorian minister is accused of sending explicit messages to a younger woman 
  • The ‘sugar baby’ claims Broad acted inappropriately when they organised a date 
  •  She claims he told her: ‘My intentions are completely dishonourable’

Nationals MP Andrew Broad has resigned from his position as Assistant Minister to the Deputy Prime Minister after shock allegations he was sending explicit messages to a woman 20 years his junior.

The Victorian member said he will stand down ‘due to the nature of allegations made’, and a replacement would be announced in due course.   

A ‘sugar baby’ who goes by ‘Sweet Sophia Rose’ online, told New Idea she had been texting with Mr Broad , 43, and that he had referred to himself as ‘James Bond’, while bragging about his ‘important job’.

She claims after about a month of texting, the pair agreed to meet up, and Mr Broad’s behaviour nosedived. 

Nationals MP Andrew Broad has resigned as Assistant to the Deputy Prime Minister after allegations he was sending salacious texts to a ‘sugar baby’ 20 years his junior

While he seemed fairly plain earlier in their conversations, the woman, who goes by Amy offline, said the MP quickly became bolder and more sexual in his messages. 

In one, she alleges he told her he was ‘an Aussie lad’. ‘I know how to ride a horse, fly a plane and f–k my woman. My intentions are completely dishonourable,’ he wrote. ]

Amy claims he also told her he had ‘booked a flashy room to seduce you back to’, despite the young woman stating on her profile there would be no physical intimacy between her and her clients.

New Idea report the pair met at the Aqua Restaurant in Hong Kong, where Mr Broad allegedly acted inappropriately while whinging about the price of a meal and bragging about his powerful position. 

Amy said Mr Broad ‘delivered his ‘election speech’ on the date, detailing why he should be voted in by the public. 

‘He kept saying he was very important and that when he left he would have to throw away his phone,’ she told the magazine. 

‘He referred to himself as James Bond several times.’ 

In screenshots of what Amy claims are text messages sent between the pair, Mr Broad appears happy to capitalise on his Australian upbringing. 

After Amy tells him she thinks Australian accents are ‘so sexy’, he sends back what appears to be a sext.

‘I pull you close, run my strong hands down your back, softly kiss your neck and whisper “G’day mate”,’ he writes. 

Mr Broad, who is married, was one of the first to publicly call for Barnaby Joyce’s resignation after news of his affair with staffer Vikki Campion emerged. 

More to come.