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NBA 2K22 Game: Player ratings of LA Lakers Roster has been revealed

NBA 2K is a popular basketball scene game. It has a large number of loyal fans around the world. Players can choose their favorite stars to form any team.

The level of excitement is even as good as the real NBA Competition. Therefore, NBA 2K won unanimous praise. Game companies will release new versions every year, basically keeping the same pace as the NBA.

The new season will begin in more than a month, and the “NBA 2K22” game is officially launched. The Lakers lineup has undergone tremendous changes during the offseason, with many veterans joining and becoming the oldest team in the league on average.

As the game goes live, the player ratings of the Lakers’ players have also been released. By the way, to get the retired player in the history of the NBA, you need enough NBA 2K22 MT.

Let’s take a look at the specific situation of the Lakers players:

  1. The Player Rating of LeBron James is 96 overall
  2. The Player Rating of Anthony Davis is 93 overall
  3. The Player Rating of Russell Westbrook is 86 overall
  4. The Player Rating of Kendrick Nunn is 78 overall
  5. The Player Rating of Carmelo Anthony is 78 overall
  6. The Player Rating of Dwight Howard is 78 overall
  7. The Player Rating of Rajon Rondo is 76 overall
  8. The Player Rating of Talen Horton-Tucker is 76 overall
  9. The Player Rating of DeAndre Jordan is 76 overall
  10. The Player Rating of Malik Monk is 76 overall
  11. The Player Rating of Marc Gasol is 75 overall
  12. The Player Rating of Wayne Ellington is 75 overall
  13. The Player Rating of Kent Bazemore is 74 overall
  14. The Player Rating of Trevor Ariza is 74 overall

After seeing the player ratings, the fans were still surprised. Only three players on the LA Lakers have player ratings of more than 80. Among them, the player rating of “triple-double king” Russell Westbrook is only 86. Although James ranked first on the Lakers but compared to the last season, the player rankings have dropped from 97.

The Russell Westbrook player rating is still a bit unfair. In any case, he was the only player in the league to reach a triple-double last season, and he averaged 11 assists per game and became the league’s assist leader.

Although a veteran, his body is still very sturdy, and he dared to take responsibility at a critical moment. After Bill retired from injury, he almost brought the Wizards to the playoffs on his own.

It is worth mentioning that the Lakers were originally interested in new star Hilder, but James thinks Westbrook is more suitable for the team. Therefore, Kuzma went to Washington by accident. From this perspective, Westbrook is an underrated player.

It is reasonable for James’ Player Rating to decline. On the one hand, he is one year older. On the other hand, due to the impact of the epidemic, the intensity of competition has increased in recent seasons.

Many players have suffered injuries of varying degrees. Although James worked hard during the game and was very self-disciplined, his age was there after all. In fact, it’s not just James, Curry, Durant, and Leonard’s player ratings that have also declined.

In fact, some people are not optimistic about the Lakers. One fan has bought $10,000 for the Lakers to not enter the playoffs. If it is achieved, he will get 16 times the return.

We’ve heard all the jokes about the Los Angeles Lakers’ average age, but when it comes to NBA 2K22, you can bet you’re going to see a good amount of people online choosing to run with the purple and gold.

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