Netflix to cut support for 16 smart TVs next month – is YOURS on the list?

Netflix announced that its app won’t run on certain smart TVs starting next month, requiring viewers to add a streaming device to stay connected.

The world’s biggest streaming service reported that viewers won’t be able to access the streaming service on a selection of outdated Sony TVs made in 2014.

Users who don’t want to replace their devices to retain access will need to invest between $20 and $50 for an Amazon Fire TV Stick, Roku or Chromecast with Google TV.

‘Starting July 24, 2024, the Netflix app will no longer be supported on some 2014 BRAVIA televisions,’ Sony announced, adding: ‘You can continue to use the Netflix app until July 23, 2024.’

Netflix is removing its app from 16 Sony smart TVs starting July 24, 2024. Consumers can still access the app by buying a new TV or by investing in a streaming device like Roku or Amazon Fire Stick.

TVs that are no longer compatible with the Netflix app will receive a message saying ‘Netflix is no longer available on this device.’

The announcement includes the KDL-60W610B and KDL-60W630B models along with 14 others.

This isn’t the first time Netflix has discontinued its app on certain older TVs, with the company removing other 2012 to 2013 Sony devices in December.

At the time, Sony claimed the change was due to ‘technical limitations’ and impacted about 34 total TVs.

The change will also affect consumers in Europe and the UK who will likewise lose access to the app on 42 Sony TVs.

Netflix’s decision to remove its app from some smart TVs comes a year after the service cracked down on password sharing as it strove to compete with other streaming services including Max, Disney+ and Hulu.

Sony TVs that won’t work in the US starting July 24, 2024

  • KDL-60W610B
  • KDL-60W630B
  • KDL-55X830B
  • KDL-65X830B
  • KDL-70X830B
  • XBR-55X800B
  • XBR-65X800B
  • XBR-49X850B
  • XBR-55X850B
  • XBR-65X850B
  • XBR-70X850B
  • XBR-55X900B
  • XBR-65X900B
  • XBR-79X900B
  • XBR-65X950B
  • XBR-85X950B