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New employee shocked after’ boss FIRED him after asking about pay 

Shocked new employee shares a VERY awkward text exchange with his ‘crazy’ boss on the first day – who FIRED him after asking one innocent question

  • A young man has been ‘fired’ from his job for asking when to expect his pay
  • The man had been given the job but not yet signed his employment contract
  • He was told not to come in after asking how often he would be paid 

A young man has been left shocked after he was fired from a new job before he had even started just for asking innocent questions about the pay schedule.

The man posted an awkward text exchange on Reddit which showed the moment he was dismissed for asking when pay day was.

In the texts the man asks his boss-to-be how often he could expect to be paid to which the employer replied: ‘Bi-weekly’.

A young man has been left shocked after he was fired from a new job before he had even started just for asking simple questions about the pay

The man, who applied to be a children’s tutor, followed this up by asking for the date of his first pay day – but this appeared to cross a line for the employer.

‘I change my mind I would hire someone whose desire is to work for the company,’ he wrote.

He then told the man not to worry about coming in at 3pm that day as they had previously discussed.

The man was stunned and responded that he didn’t understand and explained he does want the job but it was too late. 

He was told he ‘carries on’ and that the company needs people who are ‘willing to work with the flow’.

‘Your priority is only pay and I am not looking for candidates whose priority is only pay,’ he wrote.

The tutor said his priority is educating children but reminded his would-be boss that he needs to be able to pay for food and shelter to survive.

‘I only asked about pay because I was so nervous at the interview that I forgot to and my wife reminded me,’ he said.

And it appeared he wasn’t the only person baffled by the text chain with hundreds of people commenting on the awkward exchange.

‘Asking about when payday is and getting ‘why can’t you just go with the flow?’ before you’ve even worked your first proper shift is a major warning sign. Don’t expect to get paid on time or accurately,’ one person said.

The man appeared to touch a nerve when asking about the pay cycle and was told he didn't have the right priorities

He tried to clarify but it appeared he had already been struck off by the employer

The man appeared to touch a nerve when asking about the pay cycle and was told he didn’t have the right priorities 

While another said the employer’s reaction was a major red flag and could point to their desire to employ people they can take advantage of.

‘Asking about when you should expect to get paid, the payment method and the payment rate are all valid questions before starting a new job. He dodged a bullet,’ one person added.

The man said he wished he could sue the potential employer for dropping him at the last minute.  


Who was in the wrong?

  • The employer, this is super awkward! 96 votes
  • The tutor, asking about money like this is rude! 5 votes

The poster went on to explain the job was as a tutor, helping children to achieve better grades at school.

‘Well that’s another red flag – the boss can’t even string a sentence together. I doubt you would have been paid.’

Others agreed the manager should have articulated himself better 

‘Plus a manager for a presumably English-speaking tutoring company should probably be able to write better English. That person probably isn’t doing any actual tutoring, but still it is concerning.’ 

Others joked the man shouldn’t have been so offended because ‘everyone loves working for free’.

‘You had the audacity to remind them they have to pay you?! How dare you,’ joked another.

‘Apparently this fellow wants you to tutor kids, by pointing at you on the street and saying ‘Learn your lesson from that man: don’t be so poor that you need money to live’,’ laughed a third.