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New Features of Adobe Captivate Prime LMS

Adobe Captivate Prime – interactive learning and development platform developed by Adobe. With its help, you can easily create engaging corporate training presentations. From the beginning, Adobe’s main intention is to meet all the learners’ needs, as well as providing solutions to the educational needs of Captivate Prime administrators.

It, therefore, provides the best tools to create dynamic presentations with maximum benefits. This LMS has been designed for small, medium, and large companies with its unique features. Its main benefits are:

Live Learning: This is the core LMS that enables users to interact with the course material right away. It offers the capability of providing real-time training while enabling learners to take the courses at their convenience. Thus, it helps to reduce training costs.

Responsive Design: This LMS provides extensive gamification options for engaging the learners with content, including badges, rewards points, rewards cell phones, and much more. This content becomes part of the learner’s study material and is updated as they progress in the course.

Gamification in Adobe Captivate Prime includes 3D games, surveys, challenges, puzzles, photo, or sticker creation, and much more. This is one of the most exciting aspects of responsive design, as students get to learn on their own through engaging content. On the other hand, this makes the application much easier to use, making it a great choice for a learning platform.

User Interface: The user interface of the Captivate Prime LMS provides various opportunities for interactive learning. It features an in-built content viewer, which allows users to view various modules on the screen at the click of a button. Additionally, it allows the users to easily move between windows by dragging windows within their active list.

There are also numerous shortcut commands provided in order to improve the ease of navigation and learning. In addition to this, there are several support options available for all types of browsers, and the code editor has an extensive range of support for various programming languages. In short, a great number of opportunities are offered through a good user interface in this comprehensive learning management system.

Training and Course Completion: With the use of gamification, Adobe Captivate Prime LMS offers many exciting opportunities for its users. The badges associated with the various modules and courses offer both training and course completion benefits to its users.

Each of these badges is linked to a unique picture and can be collected and shared with other users of the software. Once a player obtains a certain number of badges they earn the privilege to view an official course summary or even participate in an online forum. Furthermore, the badges can be collected and used for additional training if the necessary training modules are not available with the software.

LMS Integration: This feature of the Captivate Prime LMS makes it a valuable tool for learning. Not only does it allow users to access a comprehensive collection of training material, but it also helps them organize the course. In fact, all the courses that have been created using the Captivate LMS are part of the official Adobe Captivate portfolio, and they can be used for learning-planning purposes.

Furthermore, the software allows for the creation of a unique username and password for each of the courses that are associated with the LMS. In this way, employees who use the LMS can log into the coursework on a regular basis, making it easier for employees to complete assignments and other training modules.

Secure LMS Content Management System: The Captivate Premier LMS offers a comprehensive security solution for e-learning. All documents and content are stored in a secure online container.

Moreover, the e-mail, data, documents, and other content are protected from unauthorized use by employees, outsiders, and even competitors. In addition, it ensures that employees can easily update the content on LMS websites across multiple platforms.


Adobe Captivate Prime LMS is the perfect choice to develop a comprehensive online training solution. From its web-based administration area, it allows easy access from any browser anywhere. LMS also offers powerful deployment features for easy management and access to various applications and data. Listed above are some of the major components of Adobe Captivate Prime.