New mask mandate introduced for millions of Australians

New mask mandate introduced for millions of Australians as Covid-19 cases continue to rise ahead of summer

  •  Masks will once again be mandatory in hospitals across New South Wales

Mask mandates have been reintroduced in hospitals across New South Wales as Covid-19 case numbers continue to rise.  

‘Implementing these changes now means that our staff and the community can look forward to the festive season with greater confidence,’ NSW Health deputy secretary Deb Willcox said.

Mask mandates have been reintroduced in hospitals across New South Wales as Dr Kerry Chant confirms we are entering the fourth wave of Coivd-19

‘Family and loved ones can still spend time with patients, however, we do ask people to please limit the number of visitors coming to see patients at any one time.

‘Visitors, as well as staff, will now also need to wear a mask in all areas of a hospital or health service, not just in the patient areas, as was previously the requirement.’

The new rule comes after New South Wales Chief Health Officer Kerry Chant warned the state is entering its fourth wave of Covid.

NSW recorded 22,672 new infections this week, a 52 per cent increase. 

‘The wave is taking off with some trajectory, it will be quite a steep wave and hopefully the decline will be equally as steep.

‘That’s why it’s important the community takes these protective measures now and I can’t stress the urgency — if you’re going to get vaccinated do it immediately.’

Dr Chant says modelling suggests the new wave of cases would subside by Christmas.

‘There is a sense that the wave may well peak before Christmas and we may be on the decline,’ she said.

‘But the message is clear … this is an increased risk period for COVID so please now is the time to take those protective behaviours.’

Premier Dominic Perrotet says individuals should take personal responsibility if they test positive to the virus. 

‘If you’re sick you stay at home, if you’re not sick you go to work and you enjoy everything,’ he said.

‘We need to live alongside the virus, it’s not going away. I’ve been saying that for months.

‘We always expected there to be an increase in cases over summer, that was the expectation from National Cabinet a few months ago.’

Australia’s top doctors are calling for calm amid the latest Covid wave, urging them to continue life as normal.

Deakin University epidemiology chair Catherine Bennett told Daily Mail Australia: ‘Get on and do your normal things.’ 

‘Panic never helps is my view. Being aware of risk changing and responding to that, and managing it, is the best thing you can do.’

Professor Bennett acknowledged residents should be mindful of the latest wave.

‘We are seeing numbers, particularly hospitalisations, push up across country,’ she said.

‘We know from data from overseas, adding Covid variants into the mix, pushes up transmission rates. What it means for individuals is that their exposure risk goes up.’

Professor Bennett said it was important residents listened to the advice from health professionals, received their booster, but not to make drastic changes to their lives.

‘This is exactly when we want people to be aware of the changed risk of catching the virus, and use that information to manage their own risk,’ she said.

‘Maybe consider sitting outside of a cafe, instead of inside of one, or wear a face mask when catching public transport.’