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New Tire Buying Guide: Everything You Need to Know

Tyres constitute one of the essential parts of your vehicle as they are the only connection between your car and the road surface.

Changing your car’s tyres becomes essential at some point, especially when your car is old and the tyres have started to wear out. Good-quality tyres improve the car’s overall performance and ensure safety, even when you cover long distances.

The best tyre for a car helps in improving fuel efficiency and saves you from an unpleasant and bumpy ride.

Wondering how to choose the best tyre for your car? Here are some tips to consider.

Tube-type or Tubeless – Which one to Buy?

While choosing between tubeless and tube types, we recommend choosing the former. Tubeless tyres are much more advanced than the latter. They also provide additional safety to the driver and passenger.

Another advantage of choosing tubeless tyres is that you do not have to get alloy wheels to install them; steel wheels also do good and perform well.

Pick the Right Size

The size of car tyres is an important part of your buying guide. When buying new car tyres, you must pay attention to their size. Generally, the size of the car tyre is mentioned on the sidewall and is represented in a standardized manner.

For instance, in 197/50R 15 86V, the letter R on the tyre refers to its radial construction, V refers to the speed rating, 197mm is the tread width of the tyre, and 50 is the percentage of tread width contributing to making the sidewall’s height.

15 is the inches referring to the wheel’s diameter.

  • When choosing a tyre, keep in mind that the size of this part is the same as that of the rim you want to install. If the rim is larger, it will decrease the sidewall’s height and adversely affect your vehicle’s performance.
  • It is essential to select the tread width carefully. The tread width is responsible for the comfort and performance of your car. The right size depends on the type of driver you are and also on the vehicle you drive.
  • After selecting the accurate rim size and tread width, choose a sidewall height to keep the overall size of the new tyre similar to the existing ones.

Choose the right tread pattern

Another pivotal task while buying a car tyre is to choose the tread pattern. It plays a vital role in the overall driving experience. Tread patterns are responsible for the car’s performance under various weather conditions. Tread patterns include three types.

Conventional Tread: It is the most commonly used treat pattern to be run in both directions. You can mount it on the wheel either way because it doesn’t include asymmetric or unidirectional patterns.

Such tyres help channel away water while you drive through a wet area.

Unidirectional Tread: This pattern of tyre works effectively when rotated in a single direction. The sidewalls will have an arrow mask mentioning which direction the tyre should turn.

Asymmetric Tread: It helps in high-speed cornering and includes a mark on the sidewalls. The mark states which side is meant to be road facing and car facing.

Go with a Reliable Brand 

After looking into the tyre’s technical aspects, we recommend choosing a reliable brand that produces top-quality parts and accessories. Always choose quality over quantity.

The good news is that you can also buy tyres online. Many online platforms sell the best-quality tyres by different manufacturers at the best prices. Always choose a reliable online platform while shopping online.

Include the above-listed considerations in your buying guide, and we sure you will make the best choice.