New York Jets get into the Halloween spirit as the Joker, Akatsuki and a sniper turn up for NFL showdown against city rivals the Giants

 The New York Jets were ready to give their city rivals the Giants an early Halloween scare on Sunday, judging by how a few players on the roster arrived at the MetLife stadium.

Allen Lazard walked in dressed as a sniper in a ghillie suit as the Jets returned from bye week to face their fellow New York team.

And Lazard wasn’t the only one getting into the fun for Halloween a couple of days early.

Teammates Jermaine Johnson, Will McDonald and Bryce Huff all arrived together dressed as anime characters Akatsuki.

Quincy Williams didn’t want to miss out on the fun either.  The linebacker turned up with his face painted as Batman’s nemesis, the Joker, and some fans joked he should keep the face paint on for the game. It was an outfit shared with Cordarrelle Patterson of the Atlanta Falcons, when he arrived for the game against the Titans.

But the man who stole the show was Aaron Rodgers. The quarterback wasn’t dressed up but caught the eye when he was seen dropping back and throwing the ball less than two months of from tearing his Achilles on September 11 against Buffalo Bills.

Speaking earlier this week, Rodgers said he had endured a tough week of rehab on the injury on his Tuesday appearance on the Pat McAfee show. 

Judging by what he was doing on Sunday, though, he has every reason to be optimistic on how his recovery is going.

The Jets are 3-3 going into the game, while the Giants are 2-5 in the NFC East and line up without their won first choice quarterback.

Daniel Jones is sidelined with a neck injury, the Jets game being the third straight game that he has missed with the problem.