New Zealanders slam Australian report after it labelled criminals similar to ‘taking out the trash’

‘Taking out the trash’: Watch an Australian TV reporter’s brutal take down of Kiwi criminals including rapists and child killers as they’re deported from Australia – but some New Zealanders aren’t happy

  • Nine News compared deported criminals from Australia to ‘taking out the trash’
  • The report caused outrage across the Tasman, with some labelling it ‘disgraceful’
  • But soon Peter Dutton used the same word to describe the serious criminals
  • Minister said only the most serious offenders were deported including rapists 

Irate New Zealanders have slammed a report from Nine News which compared deported criminals being booted from Australia to ‘taking out the trash’.

The exclusive report by Queensland crime reporter Jordan Fabris aired earlier this week after he was granted access to the tarmac by the Australian Border Force.

The airliner was being used to transport New Zealand nationals home who had been convicted of serious crimes in Australia, including murder, sexual assault and drug trafficking.

Host Melissa Downes introduced the controversial segment to viewers, also stating it was Australia’s blunt way of ‘taking out the trash’.

Nine News Queensland crime reporter Jordan Fabris has angered many viewers in New Zealand

‘Tonight, we are revealing the secret prisoner plane booting foreign criminals out of Australia. From murderers to child abusers, these people have no place in our country,’ Downes said on camera.

Those being deported, with the majority in handcuffs, were hounded by Fabris, who asked cutting questions such as ‘how does it feel to get kicked out Australia?’.

One thoroughly unimpressed woman told the reporter to ‘f*** off’.  

‘Our country doesn’t want you, are you excited to go home?’ he asked another convicted criminal.

Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton also featured in the report, stating it was ‘serious offenders’ leaving Australian shores.

‘Our country’s safer for having deported them,’ he said, before also adding it was a form of ‘taking the trash out, so we can then make Australia a safer place’.

The report came under heavy criticism across the Tasman, with many Twitter users declaring the network should be ‘ashamed’ of itself.

‘This is absolutely disgraceful reporting. You should be profoundly ashamed of yourself of baiting and humiliating people,’ one person wrote, according to Yahoo News.

‘Disgraceful, sickening and humiliating behaviour,’ another fumed. 

Those being deported were not impressed at Jordan Fabris' brutal interview style when speaking to Kiwi deportees

Those being deported were not impressed at Jordan Fabris’ brutal interview style when speaking to Kiwi deportees