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Newborn baby in New Delhi found alive on way to burial

A newborn baby found to be alive as it was taken for burial after doctors declared it dead has died six days later.

Doctors declared two premature twins dead immediately after their delivery and handed the bodies to their parents in plastic bags.

But while the family were on the way to a funeral ground in New Delhi, India, one of the infants started breathing and squirming inside his bag.

The boy was immediately admitted to a different hospital but has now died.

The first private hospital has sacked the two doctors in charge of the twins’ case.

Tragic: A boy (picutred) declared dead was found to be alive on the way to afuneral ground. His family admitted the newborn to another hospital where he has died

The tragic incident was reported at Delhi’s Max Healthcare in Shalimar Bagh on Thursday, where Varsha Bidawat, 21, was admitted on November 28 after suffering labour pains. 

Her family is now accusing doctors of medical negligence.

Aashish Kumar, the woman’s husband, said: ‘The doctor informed me that Varsha was in a critical stage of labour pain and should be admitted to the ICU immediately.’ 

She delivered a boy and a girl on November 30 at 7.42am.

‘The doctors declared the female infant dead soon after she was born, while the male infant was in a critical condition. 

‘My baby boy was about 75 grams and so he was advised to undergo three months’ treatment at the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, which was costed at 50, 000 per day,’ Aashish explained. 

He added: ‘Doctors informed us around 1.30pm that the male infant also died on the ventilator. They packed the bodies of both infants in packets and handed them over to us.’ 

However, the family noticed a slight movement in one of the body bags while they were heading towards the funeral ground. 

‘Both packets of the dead infants were carried by my father-in-law and he noticed some movement. We immediately stopped the car and saw that the male infant was breathing,’ Aashish said. 

The Max hospital administration in Shaimar Bagh has admitted its error, and asked the doctor concerned to go on leave immediately

The Max hospital administration in Shaimar Bagh has admitted its error, and asked the doctor concerned to go on leave immediately

The family members then rushed to nearby Agarwal Nursing Home at Pitampura, which admitted the baby boy, who was found to be alive. 

According to the doctors, however, the baby had contracted an infection, as his ‘body’ had been placed into a plastic bag by hospital staff, and was therefore in a critical condition. 

‘We have lodged an FIR against Max Hospital at Shalimar Bagh Police Station for medical fault and high medical bills,’ said Deepak Kumar, an uncle of the infants.

Condemning the incident, union health minister J P Nadda ordered an immediate inquiry. 

He said the details of the case ‘need to be verified’ and he asked Delhi government to take the necessary action. 

The Centre has asked for a comprehensive report from the state government and hospital within two weeks. 

Delhi chief minister Arvind Kerjiwal tweeted: ‘Enquiry ordered. Strongest action wud be taken if found guilty [sic].’ 

Aslam Khan, DCP of north west district, said: ‘In cases of medical negligence, the police generally consults the Medical Council of India for its opinion. 

‘They constitute a committee of expert government doctors to probe the case. Further action will be taken accordingly on the basis of the report.’ 

Meanwhile, the hospital administration admitted the mistake in a statement: ‘It has been brought to our attention that a premature (22 weeks), newborn baby who is reported to be on life support at a nursing home was unfortunately handed over without any signs of life by Max Hospital Shalimar Bagh. 

‘This baby was one of the twins delivered on the morning of November 30. The other baby was stillborn. We are shaken and concerned at this rare incident. 

‘We have initiated a detailed enquiry, pending which, the doctor concerned has been asked to take leave immediately. We are in constant touch with the parents and are providing all the needed support.’ 

The Delhi Medical Council has taken suo motu cognisance (on its own motion) of the case, said Dr Girish Tyagi, registrar, DMC.

The hospital administration has admitted its mistake in a statement

The hospital administration has admitted its mistake in a statement