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Newcastle: Radioactive device found in burnt out car at Merewether Golf Club, Adamstown

Radioactive device located in a burnt-out car causes emergency evacuation of residents in suburban area

  • A radioactive tool was left in a burnt-out car
  • It does not appear to be damaged or leaking
  • An exclusion zone has been set up 

Firefighters have created an exclusion zone in the middle of a major city after a radioactive device was discovered in a burnt-out car.

Fire and Rescue NSW responded to calls after the stolen car was abandoned in the middle of the Merewether Golf Club course in Adamstown, Newcastle, on Tuesday night.

However, when officers tracked down the owner on Wednesday morning they said they’d left a moisture density measuring tool with a radioactive gauge inside the vehicle.

Firefighters and hazardous materials experts created a 100m exclusion zone around the vehicle while operations began to assess the gauge.

A burnt-out car with a radioactive tool inside was abandoned on the Merewether Golf Club (above) course 

‘All persons in the area have been evacuated for safety,’ FRNSW tweeted.

Initial testing with standard radiation readers show the tool is at its usual radiation level and does not appear to be damaged however specialised equipment is on its way to the scene.

Once the assessment is complete the tool will either be removed from the scene and safely disposed of or, if it is undamaged, given back to the owner. 

A FRNSW spokesperson told Daily Mail Australia the radiation is ‘stable and contained’ with firefighters following advice from experts – including the Environmental Protection Authority.

More to come. 


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