Neymar’s father defends son from ‘vulture’ critics

‘In a war there are those who feed off victories and those who, like vultures, feed off the carcasses of the defeated.

‘They do nothing, they produce nothing, they live from the brilliance or, more often, from the difficult moments of their prey. In the world of football we know many people with vulture behavior.

‘Sometimes they take advantage of a strong microphone, a player’s career (we can not call them an athlete, someone with at least questionable behavior off the pitch) without much brilliance, always the shadow of others more talented, to distill their frustrations.

‘They take advantage of a defeat, a lost BATTLE, to lurk, waiting for defeat in the war, to feed their egos, as the vultures feed on carcasses.

‘They did not make it to the Rio Olympics, but they stayed there, waiting for the first opportunity, to bring their bad omen. But remember: We lost a battle, not war.

‘My son has been battling since he was a child,’ he wrote, ‘always fighting fair, always avoiding the vultures, always rising again stronger.

‘And, especially, respecting everyone, even the vultures…

‘We lost a battle but as for the war, we’ll see, because it will last as long as we’re on the field.

‘And be sure … like a phoenix he will be reborn, prepared for all the fighting ahead!

‘As for you, vulture, you will be hungry. And there will be nothing left to swallow his words, as rotten as carcasses.’