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Nickelodeon off air for 17 minutes to honor Student Walkout

Nickelodeon stopped its regularly scheduled programming for 17 minutes in honor of the 17 who were killed in the school shooting in Florida, and some parents were very upset at the interruption.

From 10am until 10:17am, Nickelodeon went off air with a simple message streamed across the screen that read: ‘In support of kids leading the way today, Nickelodeon will be off the air until 17 minutes past the hour.’

Many parents were happy to see the station their children watch bringing awareness to deadly problem of gun violence killing students across America and supporting the youth leading the way for change during Wednesday’s National Student Walkout however, not everyone agreed with the cable network’s daytime programming move.

The message Nickelodeon aired didn’t reference guns or violence.

Some parents especially took issue with their children’s routine, and their own, being disrupted by the cartoon Paw Patrol not airing for 17 minutes.

The message that was on the screen was in support of the students pushing for change in the wake of the Florida school shooting that left 14 children and 3 faculty members dead



‘During the airing of PawPatrol on Nickelodeon this popped up. Not only did both of my little ones start crying because they don’t know why the one show I let the watch in the morning was not on but @Nickelodeon you pissed this Mom off!’

‘Don’t drag my toddlers into this!’ tweeted a mom whose handle is Raven Patriot. 

She also thanked someone who defended her from a slew of negative reaction to her missive in taking a stand against the children’s cable network, added: ‘Thank you! My toddlers have no clue what is going on nor should they need to at this age.’

Adding that she believed the daytime interruption message on the screen was actually for parents: ‘This was intentionally done to get to parents. It may make getting a shower in the morning a bit harder but worth not sponsoring Nick any longer!’

Another mom, who goes by Christina O’Connor on Twitter, compared Nickelodeon going off air to living in North Korea. 

‘This Rings a Bell- Nickelodeon went ‘Dark’ Catering to Michelle Obama- get outside & exercise. Our son was a little guy then. He was upset but his Parents were Angry. We blocked Nickelodeon permanently from our home. This is America not North Korea. Outrageous,’ she shared. 

However, more parents applauded the network than bashed it for standing in solidarity with students protesting during National Student Walkout Day. 



Young students, like these on Wednesday, were among the masses of America's youth calling for gun reform and ending the problem of gun violence in schools 

Young students, like these on Wednesday, were among the masses of America’s youth calling for gun reform and ending the problem of gun violence in schools 

One parent, instead of talking about his kids crying, spoke about how he was tearing up to see Nickelodeon honor the students who were walking out of school today, and the 17 lives that were lost.  

‘Why did Nickelodeon going off the air in support of National Student Walkout Day make me tear up? Something about the network that brought my kids Blue’s Clues sticking with the young people who were watching it and Nick Jr. as toddlers is really moving,’ tweeted dad Steve Huff.

The students who survived the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School have pushed for stricter gun control laws since the February 14 tragedy, and sparked the school walkouts on Wednesday.