Nine cars sit in a McDonald’s drive-thru line on Christmas day not realizing it is CLOSED 

A long line of waiting cars sat patiently in a McDonald’s drive-thru line on Christmas Day without realizing the fast food chain was closed. 

In a video shared by Jukin Media, cellphone footage shows nine cars wrapping around the outside of a McDonald’s in Nashville, Tennessee.

The queue of cars are seen waiting for an employee to take their order while ignoring the fact that there are no staffers or customers inside the restaurant.

Two people filming the scene from inside a car can be heard laughing as they drive past the line towards the drive thru window. 

Cellphone footage captured the moment nine cars in Nashville, Tennessee, waited outside a McDonald’s restaurant on Christmas Day 

‘All these people waiting and they are not even open!’ said the man holding the camera. 

He then points to the McDonald’s opening hours sign placed directly on the drove-thru window. 

‘You can even see the holiday hours – Christmas Day..closed! What are people doing?’ he continued.   

None of the cars waiting in line realized the McDonald's was closed on Christmas Day

None of the cars waiting in line realized the McDonald’s was closed on Christmas Day 

Users on Reddit laughed at the food misadventure and shared their own stories of McDonald’s mishaps. 

‘Years ago, we were actively fighting fire at a McDonalds in my city at the time and people were still pulling up to the drive thru,’ one person said. 

‘Fire engines everywhere, hose lines on the ground and smoke pouring out, and yet they still came.’

A construction worker revealed the great lengths some people would go for their favorite fast food meal. 

They said: ‘I work for a construction company who remodels McDonald’s. We could put a fence and tape and signs around the property and in the grass and parking lots and people will STILL move the fence and walk in.’ 

‘One year in my town we [had] a similar line around a closed McDonalds on Christmas, they wound up calling 911 to complain that no one would serve them,’ one person said.  

Video owner: 'All these people waiting and they are not even open! You can even see the holiday hours - Christmas Day..closed! What are people doing'

Video owner: ‘All these people waiting and they are not even open! You can even see the holiday hours – Christmas Day..closed! What are people doing’ 

‘I used to work at a Mcdonald’s for a couple years. One night the power went out and we had to close down,’ a user wrote. 

‘People still kept trying to order food when it was pitch black throughout the entire block. People throughout the entire night pulled up to the drive through.’ 

An October study by QSR Magazine, a restaurant trade publication, revealed that drive-thrus were 20 seconds slower in 2019 then they were one year ago. 

Drive-thru Speed Test

QSR’s study reveals the average speed of service at fast food restaurants n seconds:

1. Dunkin’: 216.75 seconds

2. Wendy’s: 230.38

3. Burger King: 235.48

4. Taco Bell: 240.38

5. Carl’s Jr.: 240.51

6. KFC: 243.73

7. Arby’s: 263.46

8. Hardee’s: 266.34

9. McDonald’s: 283.05

10. Chick-fil-A: 322.98


QSR also reported the speed of service by time of day: 

Breakfast: 238.84

Mid-morning: 250.57

Lunch: 255.68

Late Afternoon: 274.71

Dinner: 258.28

They found that customers spent an average of 255 seconds from placing their order to receiving their food at the pickup window. 

QSR conducted the study by visiting fast food restaurants, like McDonald’s and Taco Bell, more than 1,500 times from June 1 to August 1.

The locations spanned the country and occurred at different times throughout the day to get comprehensive results. 

For the study, QSR visited McDonalds 165 times and no restaurant, in any category, was visited more than once.

Dunkin’ was rated with the fastest response time, averaging 216 seconds, or just a little over three minutes. 

Chick-fil-A earned last place on the speed test with 322 seconds on the clock. 

That translates to customers waiting around five minutes to complete the entire drive-thru process. 

The publication noted that Chick-fil-A has attempted to cut that time down with a high-tech touch. 

‘Team members are posted outdoors with iPads at several locations, using the tablets to take customers’ orders and payment at once. The practice achieves two key points of an order in one fell swoop and allows employees to move freely from car to car,’ they wrote.

QSR also noted that a reason for Chick-fil-A’s slow time comes from the constantly crowded lines. 

McDonald’s ranked only one place above Chick-fil-A at 283.05 seconds, or nearly four minutes.